Dynastar Legend X88 Review

December 6, 2017
Dynastar Legend X88
Resort Float

The Good

  • Versatile
  • Great edge hold
  • Nice energy
  • Power and finesse
  • Super swingweight

The Bad

  • Can overload the shovel
  • Couple of testers would have liked a stiffer tip
  • Needs to be on edge
  • Might be a little better suited for the Frontside
Much like its little brother in the Frontside Category, the Dynastar X84, the Dynastar X88 is a very versatile turning machine that is remarkably quick edge-to-edge. It has great carving capability, super grip, and a nice mix of power and float, especially in light windpack and big bumps. With a slimmer waist than most of the other skis in the All Mountain Category, the ski did feel a tiny bit "out-widthed" here. Due to availability, we did not test the longer length. That said, the X88 is an impressive ski with energy and response for all season use on- and off-piste.

After testing the brand new Dynastar Legend X88, we’re pretty excited about the update and return of one of All Mountain skiing’s most iconic models. Hearkening back to its smooth carving reputation as a ski that could eat up a lot of vertical in a short amount of time, the new Legend X88 also offers great edge hold that is super easy to access. The ski practically invites you to step into quick moving turns with a sizeable sweet spot hanks to an All Mountain Profile with tip and tail rocker and five-point sidecut, which is paired with a full woodcore and a progressive flex. You can feel that flex throughout each carve, where it’s a pleasure to bend the ski, especially in short- to medium-radius turns on- both off-piste and hardpack.

The ski does have a narrower waist width than other skis in the All Mountain Category, and might have been better placed in the frontside category (each manufacturer is invited to pick the category in which we test each ski) except for the fact that the X88 did score OK for Resort Float. Because of the timing of our test, Dynastar did not have the longest models of the new X88 available, and most testers said the 178 centimeter model we skied felt a little short. That’s also why some testers reported they could overpower the shovel if they did not stay balanced. Overall, this a really fun ski for all season riding on groomers, bumps, windblown powder, and new light fluff.


In the Overall classification, every single tester gave the Legend X88 a score of 8 (out of 10), remarking on its versatility, ease of use, and awesome edge hold. The ski really does handle all terrain, and impressed everyone with quickly and fluidly it grabbed ahold of and held an arc. We would almost certainly grab something a little wider for fresh snow days, but this Legend is plenty of ski for any other condition a typical All Mountain lift-served day can dish out.


The wood core, tip and tail rocker, and five point sidecut, all contribute to this ski’s great energy (and are also key to Dynastar’s Powerdrive Technology, which the brand touts for creating “the most responsive ski control on earth.”) It really does have the kind of pop that makes you want to start Carving as soon as you get off the lift. Top scores for alive this ski felt!


Titanal laminates and full-length vertical sidewalls also enhance the Stability of the X88, particularly when the ski is deep in a short to medium-radius turn. As reported in the Full Review, the 178 cm. model we tested did feel a bit short for most testers, who found they could overpower the shovel, usually when they were going very fast. This charger is also not for straightliners or people who like to make Super G turns in big terrain. The Blizzard Brahma is a much better choice for that. On the other hand, we think the fact this ski did get such high marks despite a narrower waist width and shorter length says a lot about how well the X88 is built.

Resort Float

As noted in the Full Review, the X88 does feel a bit better suited for the Frontside Category, but performed well because of its versatility and ease of use. It still did OK in the resort float classification, beating out the aforementioned Brahma for instance, but the ski’s lack of width and more moderate rocker result in this being the lowest scoring classification for the X88.


Great initiation, strong edge hold, a big sweet spot and an easy swingweight that helps you quickly move from edge-to-edge, all contribute to high carving marks. The Legend X88 is at its best when it’s laying into a tight clean arc. This ski is a strong pick for all season lift-serve use.

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