Rossignol Experience 88 Ti Review

November 20, 2018
Rossignol Experience 88 Ti
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Edge Hold
Carving Pleasure
Turn Shape

The Good

  • So versatile
  • Easy to get—and keep—on edge
  • Effortless initiation
  • Loves hard snow—even bumps!
  • So fluid, at slow or high speeds

The Bad

  • Not for pure carvers
  • Little more rocker than race-style skiers will app
  • Not as powerful as the Brahma at super high speeds
Rossignol’s Experience 88 was the top ski in our Frontside test last year, and this year Rossignol improved it! The new 88Ti features something Rossi is calling ‘Line Control Technology,’ a World Cup innovation that basically includes a Power Rail down the center of the ski for stability and dampening—and no counter-flexing!—and Titanal construction for exceptional Edge-hold. The ski does have super silky edge initiation and some of the smoothest arcs in the category, yet with all of the slightly wider waist widths in the class this season, it’s still a bit more of a carver than the rest. Bottomline: The new 88Ti is one of the easiest arcing skis we’ve ever tested. It’s so easy to get ripping right away on this ski, that you’ll be forgiven for shattering the speed limit.

The new Rossignol Experience 88Ti is one of the easiest turning, versatile, effortlessly initiating skis we’ve ever tested in the Frontside category. The amount of tip rocker makes it roll into deep arcs like a powder ski, while the new Line Control Technology and its center balancing Power Rail give it instant hold and stability with very little work on the skier’s part. On top of that, the upgraded 88 also features Progressive Sidecut with rounder tip and tail profiles for all-terrain versatility, letting you carve on the hard snow and schmear like cream cheese in short, playful turns in the trees or the steeps.

A couple testers did feel the that the 30 percent tip rocker was a little too pronounced for a Frontside ski, yet at the same time they felt like the slightly narrower waist width (5 mm less than skis like the Head Kore 93 and Nordica Enforcer 93—both of which were tested last season in the All Mountain category) made the ski feel like more of a carver. “A perfect carver,” as one tester wrote, while also saying the ski “rails turns on the groomers, while the smooth flex allows the tail to butter when you want to ski it short.” Our take is that any Frontside skier who wants to move away from the more race-centric skis in this category (like the Brahma, for instance), and get more versatility, will love this new ‘Experience.’


The Rossignol Experience 88Ti’s ease of performance arcing on the groomers, pivoting in the bumps, and confidently schmearing in the steeps made it one of the best Overall skis in the Frontside category. This ski is a must-have for any Frontside skier who wants the kind of one-ski versatility for any lift-served terrain when it hasn’t dumped more than five or six inches overnight.


As noted in the intro above, while some testers felt like the Experience 88Ti felt like more of a carver than some of the other skis in this category (like the Armada Invictus, for instance), the ski’s 30 percent tip rocker and rounder shovel, result in a ski that is remarkably easy to get in and out of turns. Whether you’re dicing up the groomers or blitzing the bumps.


The upgraded Experience 88Ti’s new Line Control Technology’s ‘Power Rail’ and Titanal-infused construction result in a ski with excellent Stability and a damp, super smooth feel on a variety of conditions, all while remaining playful and agile, with remarkable response.

Edge Hold

The ease of initiation, along with the Stability of the ‘Power Rail’ also contributed to high marks for Edge-hold. With several 10s (out of a possible 10), and some scores of 9 at the upper end, in the Edge Hold classification, the ski got no score lower than 8.

Carving Pleasure

It was in the Caring Pleasure classification where the upgraded Rossignol Experience 88Ti really hit it out of the park. This ski makes it so easy, and so much fun, to sink into a short or deep arc, that you want to keep on carving it. Not only is the sensation almost effortless, it felt like spending a season on the ski would only unveil all sorts of new ways—and places—to push the ski through its paces, all without ever feeling as if you had bottomed out. The 88Ti earned 10s almost across the board here, in what is already a carve-centric category, a couple of 9s, and one lone score of 8.

Turn Shape Variability

This was also a strong classification for the Experience 88Ti. Much like we note in the Carving Pleasure classification, it feels like in terms of Turn Shape Variability, you could spend an entire season finding new ways to hop turn, butter, schmear, GS, and flat out rocket down the slopes riding the 88. Again, several scores of 10 here, a couple 9s, and one lone 8. This ski is a wonder. If you are in the market for a new pair of do everything Frontside skis this season (and why wouldn’t you be?), try the Experience 88Ti before you buy anything else.


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