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In the world of bike trailers, there are several different categories. There are trailers for toting cargo and pets, as well as trailers for transporting kids. Among the trailers for kids there are enclosed trailers with tent-like tops, which are best for younger children and there are trailer bikes that allow older children to sit upright and pedal along. This review focuses on enclosed bike trailers.

In the enclosed bike trailer category, there are two sub-categories: dedicated bike trailers and jogging strollers that convert to a bike trailer. We tested versatile models that all can convert from a jogging stroller to a bike trailer, allowing for a much wider range of use than a dedicated bike trailer. We scored each one on features, ease of use, durability, and comfort.

Finding The Best Bike Trailer For You


There are several key features to look for in an enclosed bike trailer for children. First among these is the wheel type. Usually bike trailers come with either 16-inch or 20-inch wheels. We have found that the 20-inch wheels are the most stable and easy-rolling. 20-inch wheels also have a slightly higher maximum speed. Look for models with metal rims instead of plastic; they will be much more durable. Next, consider the seat and harness for the child. You want to make sure your little one will be comfortable and secure in a seat that is supportive and doesn’t sag. Higher-end models will have reclining seats or removable and washable seat pads. You also want to take a look at the storage capacity of the trailer to ensure that there are pockets, drink holders, and places to stash diaper bags and extra cargo. We have noticed that the Burley trailers tend to have the most cargo space. Lastly, take note of the weatherproof options that come with your trailer, such as sunshade and rain covers. These features will keep your kids protected and comfortable in any type of weather, which is a primary concern of any parent riding with a child in tow.

Bike trailers and strollers come with different brake options. There are hand brakes and parking brakes. Hand breaks come into play when being used as a stroller. When it is in trailer mode, the brake of your bike will be responsible for slowing down the trailer. Parking brakes are great for stabilizing the whole setup, be it in stroller or trailer mode, for loading and unloading kids and cargo.

Review Year
Best in Class
Overall Rating
Name Overall Rating Ratings The Good The Bad
Burley Solo
Best in Class
Features 8
Ease of Use 8
Durability 8
Comfort 8



Great Value

Ambiguous park brake

Narrow pockets

Croozer Kid Plus For 1
Features 9
Ease of Use 7
Durability 8
Comfort 7

Bike hitch lock

Air suspension

Good cargo space

Narrow seat

Sunshade sold separately

Limited handlebar

Thule Chariot Chinook 1
Features 8
Ease of Use 7
Durability 7
Comfort 8

Feature rich

Car seat compatible

Lots of accessories available



Bulky When Collapsed

Joovy CocoonX2 Double Stroller
Features 5
Ease of Use 6
Durability 6
Comfort 4


Big windows

Good cargo space

No jogger option (discontinued)

No sunshade or shaded windows

Spartan interior

Burley Solo

The Burley Solo is an intuitive full featured bike trailer that can convert to a stroller or jogger. Albeit being the lightest and least expensive of the trailers we tested it is well made and easy to use.

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Croozer Kid Plus For 1

The Croozer Kid Plus for 1 was redesigned for 2016 and comes standard with everything included to have a fully functioning stroller, jogger and bike trailer. Which is great if you know you’ll use all three modes, but not so great if you won’t. It is made of very durable materials and is easy to convert from one mode to another. 

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Thule Chariot Chinook 1

The Thule Chariot Chinook 1 is designed to be your only stroller from day 1 with the car seat adaptor rack. It is loaded with great features that sometimes get a little complicated. It’s made of durable materials and has lots of accessories available but it is the heaviest and most expensive stroller/trailer we tested. 

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Joovy Cocoon X2

If you’re looking for a no-frills convertible stroller and don’t plan on using it as a bike trailer for more than one passenger, the Cocoon could work for you.

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