Gear Institute is a premier online destination for outdoor gear and adventure content. We are the leading source of objective, and credible, field-tested outdoor gear reviews, with unmatched depth and breadth of industry insight and technical expertise. Our tests are driven by guides, veteran outdoor industry journalists, and top-level outdoor athletes who put each product through extensive review, with an eye on every detail.

We aim to provide the most respected gear reviews and advice for mainstream gear buyers, through objective, head-to-head product testing of the most current, innovative outdoor gear on the market, and present the results in a compelling, easy-to-read format for the information-seeking customer. Unique aspects include: The Gear Institute Rating (based on 100-point eld), the Verdict (our expert product summary), and the Good and the Bad (two items compared side-by-side). Our seasoned experts experience and credibility give each of our tests a level of depth and breadth that is unmatched.

We focus on reaching active outdoor equipment consumers researching reviews and insight to inform their purchasing decisions. They want objective, transparent reviews and insider industry knowledge that will allow them to hit purchase with complete confidence. We capture an especially relevant audience, as our readers want to spend their dollars on new, innovative products represented by industry-leading brands.

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Website Campaigns & Channel Sponsorship

Campaign placements include banner advertisements, run of site, targeted displays, takeovers, roadblocks and custom campaigns. Our channel sponsorships let your company brand a dedicated section and all associated channel pages using a 1920×1080 “site skin” for maximum visibility.

Fresh Coverage & Editorial Hubs

We offer a number of editorial series to our readers as well as fresh daily gear tests, news and stories happening in the outdoor and adventure travel worlds. Tied to special issues, seasonal gift and buying guides. Sponsorship within our hubs are live for the life of the content.

Buying Guides & Seasonal Reports

In depth buying guides present our readers with comprehensive collections of the best gear out there. Our seasonal reports focus on environmental conditions for a variety of outdoor activities and offers the opportunity to brand the weather widget as well as all related seasonal report pages.

Newsletter Campaigns

Deliver your campaign to every Gear Institute subscriber’s inbox. Integrated advertising opportunities are available within our weekly newsletter – Gear Notes. Gear Notes is our digest of the latest, trending content on Gear Institute. Consisting of a mix of news, tests, giveaways and expert highlights, Gear Notes offers four opportunities for ad placement along its length.

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