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Polar A370 Fitness Tracker

The Polar A370 fitness tracker is as comprehensive with data as it is easy to use. We found the watch to be ideal for a fitness enthusiast, offering all-day heart-rate tracking, along with extra features that include phone notifications, phone-assisted GPS, and coaching options. Use of the touchscreen, as well as the associated Polar Flow app, is intuitive and to-the-point, so users can focus more on what information is provided than how to find it. The wrist-based heart rate sensor and steps sensor are generally accurate, although we found the tracker had trouble during high intensity interval training.

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Timex IQ+ Move

The Timex IQ+ Move is combining a more classic look with fitness tracking features. It functions really well as a daily watch and can provide the user with time, date, and activity information. Athletes looking for more precise data and training features should note this watch does not include heart rate monitoring or options for phone-assisted GPS.

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Garmin Vívosmart 3

The Garmin Vívosmart 3 has a streamlined and comfortable design and tracks heart rate, steps, stress, sleep duration, and even repetitions during weight lifting. Like most fitness trackers, accuracy is not perfect on the Vívosmart 3, and unlike many non-GPS fitness trackers it doesn’t connect to a phone for GPS. Wellness tracking is prominent with the stress tracking feature on the watch, which then offers a guided breathing feature to help drop stress levels. We found that all the features are nice for thorough fitness and wellness tracking, but are also a bit much to navigate on a small screen, so the Garmin Connect app is where data can really be observed and understood.

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TomTom Touch Cardio

Sporting a lightweight and streamlined design, the TomTom Touch Cardio is versatile to wear all day during activities like running or yoga, and while sleeping. The touchscreen display is clear to read and generally simple to navigate albeit a bit over sensitive to touch at times. Accuracy is moderate but consistent. The battery life only lasts two to three days and phone notifications were not very useful.

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