Atomic Vantage 100 CTI Review

December 6, 2017
Atomic Vantage 100 CTI
Resort Float

The Good

  • Versatile
  • Super grip
  • Quick for its size
  • Great for carving
  • Very stable

The Bad

  • Demands your full attention
  • Better off-piste than on
  • Some testers felt it lost performance on hard pack
  • There are damper skis in this category
When asked to list the three things he “disliked” about the Atomic Vantage 100 CTI, one tester wrote, “None. I would buy this ski in a heartbeat.” Incredibly versatile, quick edge-to-edge without sacrificing any stability or grip and flat out fun just about anywhere we skied it, the 100 CTI is one of the best skis in the All Mountain Category. It might not satisfy the big line chargers who want the dampest ski in the rack and it does lose a little performance on the hardpack. That’s about all we can complain about. This is a great pick for All Mountain use.

The Atomic Vantage 100 CTI is the widest ski in the brand’s CTI class, with all three lengths –172, 180, 188 centimeters – coming in at 100 millimeters underfoot. It features Atomic’s All Mountain Rocker, with 20 percent rocker in the tip, 10 percent tail rocker, and 70 percent camber underfoot for a great All Mountain mix of float and grip.

The edge hold, and amazing versatility of this ski in off-piste conditions, is all thanks to the mix of poplar and ash woodcore, the Titanium Backbone 2.0 (a Titanal insert) and the brand’s proprietary Carbon Tank Mesh. Together, it creates a ski that is exciting to arc in a variety of turn shapes, with an ease of initiation and quickness edge-to-edge that mark it as one of the top performing skis in the All Mountain Category.

The ski does feel like it needs to be in a turn – or on edge – all of the time, which may disappoint some long turn aficionados who just want to steer a pair of big damp planks. It also performs better off-piste than on, as some testers said the ski didn’t feel as confident on the hardpack. Overall though, there was a lot of blank space in the “dislikes” column on our test cards. This is a ski that offers a lot to like, for a lot of people who want a quiver of one ski they can use all season, provided most of their turns are on the off-piste.


One of the most versatile skis in the All Mountain Category, the Atomic Vantage 100 CTI got top marks for its exciting feel and ability to perform wherever we skied. While it was quick and lively in tight tree lines, the ski also could transition smoothly into wide GS turns once the terrain opened up. It has a great mix of edge hold once you’re in a turn, with a generous amount of rocker for ease of initiation and mixed snow float. It’s a very good All Mountain ski that will suit a wide variety of All Mountain tastes.


Atomic’s All Mountain Rocker, which features 20 percent tip rocker, along with the responsive mix of Carbon/Metal/Wood laminates ensures that this ski jumps into turns with energy and finesse. There’s enough early rise to make rolling over to each new edge a thing of ease, with the kind of power and stiffness that provide excellent control underfoot. Overall, the ski’s Responsiveness ratings were among the top in the All Mountain Category.


Those same design factors result in a ski that is remarkably stable, provided you keep it on edge. The amount of rocker in the Vantage 100 CTI means it’s not a ski that is as conducive to straightlining or ripping a big face in five to eight long arcs. It’s also not a ski that’ll make you want to do laps on the groomers. It’s at its best making medium to shorter radius turns in the bumps, crud, windblown powder and just about anywhere the grooming machines can’t reach.

Resort Float

The oft-mentioned All Mountain Rocker, with 20 percent tip rise, ensures that the Atomic Vantage 100 CTI scored some of the highest marks for Resort Float in the All Mountain Category. This ski is easy to initiate anywhere you ski it, but even more so once the conditions get a little soft and deep. It’s a pleasure to ski on the softer stuff.


If you’re not carving on this ski, you’re doing it wrong. The Vantage 100 CTI absolutely needs to be in an arc. The perfect mix of ease of turn initiation, grip and a lively feel invite you to just keep laying this ski over from edge-to-edge. Rip it up!

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