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Scarpa Maestrale RS

This latest version of Scarpa’s Maestrale RS is a worthy upgrade. Not only are they 5oz lighter, but they feature an improved external walk mechanism, 60 degrees of cuff rotation, and a solid 130 flex rating. To say that these boots tour well is an understatement, but the real surprise is that they now ski inbounds better than any other AT boot we’ve tested. Lightweight comfort in a hard charging AT boot is now a reality.

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La Sportiva Synchro AT Boots

La Sportiva has succeeded in designing and manufacturing a stiffer, all-mountain focussed version of their popular Spectre 2.0 AT boot. With minimal added weight and a 125-flex rating, the Synchros are built for any terrain and condition, inbounds or out. The only sacrifice is a reduced cuff rotation (when compared to the Spectre 2.0’s), but thanks to the two-piece tongue this doesn’t sacrifice performance.

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Salomon S-lab X-Alp Boot

The new Salomon S-lab X-Alp Boot is a super lightweight ski touring boot aimed at those who value “light and fast” over “ski-anything” performance. At only 5 pounds (2,300 grams) for a size 27, with a cuff rotation that likely exceeds 60 degrees, the X-Alp’s are for the serious backcountry skier who may want to enter a Randonee Race. While Salomon does not provide a flex rating, the carbon spine delivers a surprising amount of performance and stiffness considering it’s only a two-buckle boot.

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Dalbello Lupo AX 125 C

Dalbello’s new Lupo AX 125 C Boots are designed with equal parts alpine skiing and alpine touring in mind. Classified as a “Freeride Touring Boot,” the Lupo AX 125 C’s combine the comfort and range of motion of a touring boot with the performance and stiffness of a downhill boot. These are the lightest ski boots currently in Dalbello’s lineup, relative to their high flex rating which comes in at 125.

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