Croozer Kid Plus For 1 Review

July 21, 2016
Croozer Kid Plus For 1
Ease of Use

The Good

  • Bike hitch lock
  • Air suspension
  • Good cargo space

The Bad

  • Narrow seat
  • Sunshade sold separately
  • Limited handlebar

The Croozer Kid Plus for 1 was redesigned for 2016 and comes standard with everything included to have a fully functioning stroller, jogger and bike trailer. Which is great if you know you’ll use all three modes, but not so great if you won’t. It is made of very durable materials and is easy to convert from one mode to another. 


The Croozer Kid Plus For 1 is equipped with a pretty standard set of features. Long side windows allow the passenger to see what’s going by. There’s a good size rear storage compartment that is easy to access with a simple Velcro sealed flip cover that overlaps around the edges for improved weatherproofing. The Croozer includes two internal mesh pockets and a drink holding sleeve built into the side panel buffer for the passenger. Though, the drink holder is not placed well for easy access for smaller passengers. The front access is a simple flap that wraps around the edges to create a secure fit with Velcro tabs. On the flap, two zippers allow the clear vinyl window to be released and rolled up and stowed in the elastic bands. The Croozer has an air suspension system that adapts to the load in the trailer and a single lever parking brake.

Unique to the Croozer, it comes with a lock mechanism where it attaches to the bike. Also, all of the attachments to convert the Croozer from stroller, to jogger, to bike trailer are included. There are a few optional accessories available like a ski/hike pulling kit, a baby sling for the very little ones, a seat supporter kit, and a sun shade for the front panel.

Ease of Use
Loading passengers into the Croozer is easy thanks to the well fitted front flap that folds out of the way. The front panel is fast and easy to latch and unlatch and the vinyl windshield is held in place by zippers and can be rolled up to stow out of the way to expose the mesh backing for warmer days. There are even elastic bands set up to stow the entire front panel (mesh cover & all). Converting from trailer to stroller and back is average compared to others in this test. The single stroller wheel is held in by a simple push-button release system and stows in a pocket in the rear storage compartment.  The bike connection arm is easy to connect and remove. Connecting the trailer to the bike is easy with a pin-in-slot connection. Converting to the jogger takes a little more time, but is also on par with converting other joggers in this test. The jogger wheel also has a tracking alignment adjustment. Collapsing the Croozer for transport is easy and just consists of pulling two red switches to release the clamps in the back. The wheels and tow-arm can be stored in the collapsed trailer.

The Croozer is built on a solid metal frame which comes with a 10 year warranty. The fabric held out throughout our testing process by not showing any significant wear or tear marks and handled being out in the sun and rain for months. If treated well, the Croozer will last a number of generations.

The compartment of the Croozer is very cozy. The single seat is 10 inches wide and has a little give with comfortable fabric side panels to keep the passenger right in place. The 5-point harness is lightly padded and the hard plastic buckles are covered with a soft fabric to prevent any chafing during rides in warmer temperatures when the passenger may only be wearing a single layer of clothing. The seat back is slightly reclined and the side panel padding of the seat will help keep a sleeping passenger stable.



These trailers were tested for months in various weather conditions in Boulder, Colorado and taken on short road trips and day trips to test their packability and full range of ease-of-use.

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