Rossignol Experience 94 Ti Review

December 1, 2018
Rossignol Experience 94 Ti
Resort Float

The Good

  • So quick edge to edge
  • Amazing stability
  • Lots of energy
  • Super confident
  • Versatile ski

The Bad

  • Could use a little more float
  • Has to be on edge
  • Not a ski for freestylers
Rossignol’s new Experience 94 Ti is one super fun, very exciting ski. The performance on these boards is so easy-access, and so amazingly confident, that more than a few times testers had to dial it back to keep from breaking the speed limit. Easily one of the top three skis in the All Mountain Category, it has a wonderfully smooth swing-weight that practically invites you to start a new carve, but also such great edge-hold and sidecut that you can just park in an arc. Not a ski for freestylers or jibbers, this is a hard-charging alpine ski that’s perfect for pass holders and weekend warriors alike.

Rossignol’s completely redesigned Experience line raises the bar on a series of skis which in past years have been at the top of many of our test results. While the Experience 88 Ti took top honors in the Frontside Category, in this All Mountain Category, the 94 Ti was easily one of the top three skis in the test. It has speed and performance to spare, to the point where it almost feels like cheating to make such clean, perfect turns so easily, and to go so fast. Combining a progressive sidecut that feels like it’s hugging you into a turn with Rossi’s new Line Control Technology (LCT), which features a “Power Rail” for excellent torsional rigidity, the ski has wonderfully easy initiation exceptional power and stability underfoot.

This is not the kind of ski that is going to thrill freestylers and go anywhere near the park. It needs to be on edge and is a little less “playful,” according to some testers, due it skiing so smooth and damp. With its big sweet spot, absolutely exciting edge hold, and all-terrain versatility, this is a great pick for All Mountain skiers who only get in a couple weeks each season, as well as all day every day pass holders who tear it up from first lift to last.


The Experience 94 Ti got only two kinds of scores for its performance in the Overall Classification – 10s (out of a possible 10), and 8s. As for how it ranked in relation to the other skis tested in the All Mountain Category, everyone said the Rossi was “Excellent,” or it was their “Favorite.” This ski offers a level of fun and finesse – all without making you work too hard to earn it – that will satisfy a wide variety of advanced to expert skiers. A mix of 30 percent tip rocker and 70 percent makes it feel like a very forgiving ski at the inception of each turn, and like a full on race charger once you’re deep in the arc.


That mix of a generous amount of rocker and the progressive sidecut also result in some near the top of the category Responsiveness. As with the Overall Classification, the 94 Ti earned a handful of 10s for the wonderful the ski lays right into a turn, whether it was in the bumps, the bowls, or even on buffed hardpack. However, a couple of testers felt like the 94-millimeter waist (the narrowest in the category) did lend itself more to groomed and hard snow performance.


Stability was one of the top classifications for the 94 Ti, as the torsional control of the LCT, as well as the HD Core Ti Titanal-infused construction gives this ski the kind of damp, Cadillac-like control that frankly, anyone who can pressure the front of their boots will be easy to access. The ski earned several 10s and 9s here, and no score lower than an 8.

Resort Float

Resort Float was the only classification where the 94 Ti got scores as low as a 6.  And this despite having some of the most pronounced tip rocker in the category. The progressive sidecut and narrower waist width make it so easy to lay the skis on edge, that floating into a turn instead dropping the hammer on an arc, even on softer snow, doesn’t seem to make as much sense. Still, along with a couple of 10s at the high end, the majority of testers gave the ski a 7 or 8.


Back up there with the high scores, when it came to Carving, two testers gave the 94 Ti a score of 8. Every other single tester on the crew gave the ski a perfect 10, marking what may be the only time that large a percentage of our ski test regulars gave a ski perfect marks in any classification. If you like the feeling of your edges biting into the snow with authority, ease, and more than a little happy twinge of raw excitement, the Rossignol Experience 94 Ti is your ticket.

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