XX2i Bermuda1 Sunglasses Review

February 10, 2019
XX2i Bermuda1 Sunglasses
xx21_bermuda1-04 You can the sharp taper of the arms on the Bermuda1, which made it secure but very uncomfortable
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Security of Fit
Peripheral vision

The Good

  • Stylish
  • Unobstructive views
  • Secure fit

The Bad

  • Too tight
  • Poor quality lenses
The XX2i Bermuda1 is a great looking, stylish pair of sunglasses but unfortunately, the tech and comfort don’t match up to the same level as its style.

The XX2i Bermuda1 are a great looking pair of sunglasses. The first thing you notice is the striking look with its blue lenses and the matte black and white accent. The look could be a little polarizing but generally do look good. They are a little on the heavy side but feel solid and well made. The Bermuda1 is plagued by the same problem that other XX2i sunglasses seem to, both casual and performance. They run very narrow and after only a short while of wearing them, they begin to squeeze against the sides of your head. With the higher than average weight, plus the narrow fit, all testers reported low scores for comfort.

The features in the XX2i are about what you would expect from a pair of $100 sunglasses. You get quality lenses that are polarized (a feature surprisingly lacking on almost all other lenses in this test). The lenses are far from the best out there but are adequate. The polarized lenses are really the only stand out feature of these sunglasses. They lack any rubberized padding, photochromic features, interchangeable lenses, etc. Every pair of sunglasses comes with some sort of warranty, but XX2i offers no questions asked lifetime guarantee. They feel really well made, but it is nice to see a company stand behind their product.


I really like the look of these sunglasses. I just wish I could wear them. They are fairly heavy, even for full frame, casual style sunglasses, they also run very narrow. After an hour of continued wear they really begin to press hard against the sides of your head. This seems to be a combination of short arms that curve inwards. They fit well on the nose and the matte finish helps grip. If you have a narrow or small head, these will probably work great for you. That can be a challenge because many of the sunglasses tested seem to fit fairly wide. These also were the heaviest of all sunglasses tested coming in at 34 grams.

Security of fit

Security of fit on the Bermuda1 is very good, thanks mainly to the snugness of the arms and how they wrap the head. While running and sweating there was very little movement up and down or side to side. When sweating a good deal, they can slide down the nose some but still without much bounce. There are no rubber inserts on the nose or arms which would help dramatically in helping secure them while wet and also adding comfort.


These lenses have some pros and cons. They are polarized and do an excellent job of cutting glare on water and while driving. A surprising number of lenses were not polarized in this test, which was surprising. However, I felt the clarity was lacking compared to other, higher end lenses. The blue mirror finish is great looking and very stylish with the matte black and white frame colors. It was also nice to have a fairly dark grey lens tint compared to the other photochromic lenses that so many other sunglasses have now.

Peripheral vision

Peripheral vision on most full frame, casual sunglasses is not great. But, on the Bermuda1 it is actually pretty good. The base curve of the sunglasses is very straight so the frames do not get in the way of your peripheral vision which is a big plus.

Coverage/Wind Protection

The coverage and wind protection are adequate and what you would expect. It provides pretty good protection from the wind but when it is windy or there is a crosswind the wind can get in due to the straight design (which aided in the peripheral view).


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