Spy Frazier Sunglasses Review

February 10, 2019
Spy Frazier Sunglasses
Spy Frazier Sunglasses spy_frazier-06 spy_frazier-05 spy_frazier-04 spy_frazier-03 spy_frazier-02
Security of Fit
Peripheral vision

The Good

  • Clarity
  • Protection
  • Attractive Styling

The Bad

  • Lenses prone to fogging
  • Poor peripheral vision
The Spy Frazier is a really solid, all-around pair of sunglasses that perform well in all categories. It is unfortunate that they fogged up easily while not moving.

The Spy Frazier is a great looking pair of sunglasses that performs well in all situations. The Frazier looks great with (as tested) the matte black finish and blue mirror lenses. They effortlessly transition from trail to town and are comfortable enough to be worn all day. The wide set frame and hinged arms add to the general comfort. There was reported pressure on the side of some testers head but generally, these were a comfortable pair of sunglasses. The rubber nose piece and rubber pads on the arms added a lot to the comfort.

The Frazier is a fairly basic pair of sunglasses. But everything works really well. They are super comfortable, pretty lightweight at 29 grams, and has excellent lenses. The lenses are really the star of this pair of sunglasses. Spy calls these their “happy lens” and claim that the brown tint promotes a more positive attitude and can put you in a better mood. That is pretty impossible to quantify especially considering most brands use a very similar tint to increase contrast and definition. But they are an excellent lens and have excellent clarity and seem to be really durable as well. At $150 they are an ok deal. Compared the other sunglasses tested, at this price point there are probably better options. That being said they are much better than sunglasses at a lower price point. For a good, technical and stylish pair of sunglasses, around $150 seems to be the best price point where you don’t sacrifice anything for a lower price point.


Generally, the Spy Frazier are comfortable in everyday use and for a couple of hours at a time. However, there was some minor discomfort with pressure from the arms after a few hours of continuous wear. This was pretty minor compared to other sunglasses tested. The rubber inserts on the nose and arms add some nice cushion and add to the comfort of the frames.

Security of fit

The fit on the Frazier is slightly on the wider side so if you have a narrower head, they may move a little bit. The Hyrel rubber inserts on the nose and the arms do a great job of gripping without getting stuck when things get sweaty. There was a little slipping on bumpy terrain but generally, it was not a problem and to be expected with a slightly wider fit.


Spy’s “Happy Lens” provides excellent clarity with its brown tint and blue mirror finish. Spy claims that the color of this lens helps to put the wearer in a better mood. It is hard to quantify that claim but wearers did claim to feel better while wearing these. It is not clear if that applies to all brown tint lenses and it is not clear what really sets Spy’s brown lens apart from others. The brown tint does increase contrast and improves clarity (this is true for all brown tint lenses). Getting the polarized version adds some cost but is well worth it. Ventilation is not great and when you stop moving the lenses immediately fog up, regardless of temperature. This actually happened on other Spy glasses as well. There was no fogging while in motion and was surprising when they did fog. Spy lenses were the only ones that struggled with fogging.

Peripheral vision

Peripheral vision on the Frazier is good with the wide straight frame but is diminished because of the full frame. This was a pretty common trait with casual style sunglasses and on the Frazier, it was right in line with other casual style sunglasses.

Coverage/Wind Protection

Coverage is excellent because of the wide frame and large lenses. Wind protection is also very good with the full frame. The coverage and wind protection on the Frazier were a good as any full frame casual style frame. The wide lenses curve slightly to provide good side protection from sun and debris. The full frame and large lenses also give good front protection from wind and debris.


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