XX2i Brazil1 Sunglasses Review

February 10, 2019
XX2i Brazil1 Sunglasses
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Security of Fit
Peripheral vision

The Good

  • Good style
  • Well constructed
  • Polarized lenses

The Bad

  • Poor wind protection
  • Fit is overly narrow
The XX2i Brazil1 is a great looking pair of sunglasses that features a good polarized lens. Unfortunately, it fits very narrow and has poor wind and sun protection.

The Brazil1 by XX2i Optics is a really nice-looking pair of sunglasses. We tested the matte tortoise color with “polar brown” lenses. These are pretty unassuming sunglasses that look great on the trail and out on the town. The little chrome dots add a nice little touch to them without being overly gaudy. Unfortunately, they tend to not be that comfortable. They lack rubber on the arms and the nose which decreases its security of fit but also cushioning. The Brazil1 follows in the same pattern as other XX2i sunglasses in that they run very narrow. All the testers noted that after a short period of time, they became almost unwearable due to the pressure around the side of the head.

In terms of features available on the Brazil1, they feel pretty basic. They are a simple plastic frame, with polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are polarized which is nice but are not the highest quality. There is nothing wrong at all with a simple pair of sunglasses and in many cases,  this is probably desirable as long as they do their job well. Retailing at $100 they are the cheapest pair tested (along with the XX2i Bermuda1, also $100). Compared the other sunglasses tested they are a pretty good value for the money, but you get what you pay for.


The XX2i Brazil1 is a comfortable pair of sunglasses, but like most other XX2i sunglasses, these run fairly narrow. These are lighter weight than the other pair of XX2i tested, coming in at 30 grams, and do not fit quite as snug but, after a couple of hours, they do cause some significant pain on the side of the head. Like the Bermuda1 this was felt among all who tested them. One of the biggest benefits its the curved end of the arms. This allows you to comfortably wear the sunglasses with a hat, which can be difficult or uncomfortable with straight arms.

Security of fit

If the security of fit refers to how much bounce or slipping occurs while running or riding, then the XX2i would score a point or so higher. But, since it achieves its secure fit by being uncomfortably narrow, it was docked a point. With no rubber inserts on the nose or arms, like almost all other sunglasses. In sweaty conditions, it was impressive how they did not move that much considering that there are no rubber inserts.


The lenses on the Brazil1 are nice and the brown tint does a lot to help increase contrast and definition while out on the trail. These felt clearer than other XX2i lenses and compared well against similar lenses such as the Spy Frazier. The blue mirror finish adds a nice stylish touch. It is nice having these polarized as well.

Peripheral vision

Peripheral vision is not something that many casual sunglasses excel in. The Brazil1 is a right in line with most other similarly styled sunglasses in that the peripheral vision is adequate, but not great. If this is a category that is important to you as runner/rider, then a casual style is probably not the right fit for you anyways. With the Brazil1 the arms are a little wider than average and this can cause some obstruction but with the relatively straight curve of the frames, it allows you to see past the frame pretty easily.

Coverage/Wind Protection

The Brazil1 struggled with this category. The lenses are not large enough to block wind or debris straight on and the fairly straight frame does not adequately block a crosswind. This is a problem on a trail, whether riding or running since you are constantly changing directions while moving quickly. Also, because of these design issues, when the sun is at extreme angles there is very little protection from glare.


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