Bolle Aeromax Sunglasses Review

February 10, 2019
Bolle Aeromax Sunglasses The extra large lenses on the Bolle Aeromax provide excellent coverage.
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Security of Fit
Peripheral vision

The Good

  • Excellent wind/sun protection
  • Good peripheral vision
  • Quality lenses

The Bad

  • Not polarized or photochromic
  • Limited comfort
The Bolle Aeromax is a nice pair of sunglasses that has a dramatic look but also high functionality with an emphasis on protection and field of view.

The Bolle Aeromax is a nice pair of sunglasses that aren’t shy about their dramatic look but also offer high levels of functionality. They are fairly comfortable and have some nice adjustable features like the fully customizable nose-piece and bendable arms. This adjustability helps when you have to wear these all day since you can move them around to find your most comfortable fit. The arms also have little shock absorbers on the side which help to relieve pressure and absorb shock around the side of your head. The design and color schemes of the Aeromax will definitely attract someone who loves to stand out. They have a very ‘80’s look to them with bright neon colors and a colored mirror finish on the lenses. The colors are much brighter in real life than what they look like on the website. These are great looking sunglasses especially if you like something a little loud.

The lenses on the Aeromax are pretty good. At a price point of $150, they rank right up at the top for bang for your buck. The lenses are not polarized or photochromic but they have multiple color/tint options available for purchase depending on what your needs are.


The Aeromax is a fairly light pair of sunglasses that is light enough to be comfortable all day, but sturdy enough to feel secure. The soft, adjustable nose piece is very comfortable and can be adjusted for a custom fit. The arms can be bent to accommodate different head shapes or desired fits. There is also a small rubber “suspension” component on the arms which helps absorb shock and relieves pressure on the side of your head. This adjustability is key to all-day comfort. The arms are on the shorter side but allow for easy use with a hat or helmet.

Security of fit

The security of fit on the Aeromax was excellent. The fully adjustable nose-piece allows for total customization to all nose shapes which is absolutely necessary for a secure fit regardless of conditions or terrain. With the arms being adjustable you can bend them to fit the shape of your head or if they get too tight can bend them away to relieve some pressure. These two features make for a very secure fit even though the frame is rather wide which usually causes sunglasses to not be super secure.


The lens quality on the Aeromax lens is really impressive for a $150 pair of performance sunglasses. At this price point, they are one of the best lenses for your money. The lenses are interchangeable but do not come with more than one set. The sunglasses tested had a brown tint which is the most common tint color because of its ability to enhance colors and increase contrast. The Aeromax lenses do a great job of that and are also dark enough to work really well on a bright day. The lenses are very large which gives you almost unparalleled field of view. They are coated with a hydrophobic coating which does a good job of shedding water and smudges.

Peripheral vision

As with most large lens, half frame sunglasses, peripheral vision is very good. The lens has a wide wrap and base curve that helps move the arms out of the way of your view. With the tall lens, looking up or down is also unobstructed and your field of view is very large.

Coverage/Wind Protection 

The coverage of these glasses is excellent. That should not be surprising just by looking at these lenses, they are very large, which is definitely a functional and aesthetic design choice. The wide lens wraps really far around to protect from crosswinds and sun glare. The arm is also very wide at the hinge, which further helps block debris, sun, and wind from sneaking in. With the large lens, you also get excellent protection on the top and bottom. There was no issue with fogging at all.  


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