Timex IQ+ Move Review

January 31, 2018
Timex IQ+ Move
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Timex IQ+ Move Timex IQ+ Move-1 Timex IQ+ Move-2 Timex IQ+ Move-3 Timex IQ+ Move-4
On Wrist Use
Software Support
Battery Life

The Good

  • Classic analog face
  • Unisex size and style
  • Backlight available
  • Water resistant to 50 meters

The Bad

  • Does not include heart rate monitoring
  • No phone notifications
  • Bluetooth connection fussy
  • Inaccurate step counting
The Timex IQ+ Move is combining a more classic look with fitness tracking features. It functions really well as a daily watch and can provide the user with time, date, and activity information. Athletes looking for more precise data and training features should note this watch does not include heart rate monitoring or options for phone-assisted GPS.

On Wrist Use

The classic look of the Timex IQ+ Move is paired with smart features and everything on the face is easy to read. Swappable silicon and leather straps are available with the 37 mm or 41 mm versions, and the crown of the watch can be pressed like a button for two seconds to provide a backlit glow for the face. Also when pressing the button the second hand spins around to indicate the date by pointing somewhere between the one minute mark (one tick past the 12) and the 31 minute mark (one tick past the 6), then returns to its job as a ticking second hand. The sub-dial on the bottom right side of the face is the progress indicator for the percentage of steps or distance goals the wearer sets up in the app.

Software Support

Once the Timex IQ+ Move is paired to a phone through the Timex Connected app, the platform is easy to navigate. It can be a challenge to initially sync the watch, and we had to call customer service to get the Bluetooth sync dialed. The wearer must choose to sync the phone every time they want to see an update. On the homepage of the app, the wearer can check how many steps they have completed in their day, the distance they’ve gone, as well as the estimated number of calories and the sleep duration of the previous night. The wearer can adjust daily goals and also set alarms in the app to go off on the watch at a certain time.

Battery Life

One of the biggest benefits of the Timex IQ+ Move watch is that it’s a timepiece and a fitness tracker that does not have to be charged. The watch uses a standard coin cell watch battery, so after a year or so the wearer will need to replace that, but won’t need to worry about plugging it in and charging on a regular basis.


The wearer can set alarms for the Timex IQ+ Connected app, but these are only sound alarms – not vibration alarms. Timers can be set as well, but the alarms and timers only work once they are set up in the app and then watch is put into sync mode to connect with the phone. We found the reliance on the phone to be a little constricting and didn’t promote ease of use with the watch. The Timex IQ+ Move is water resistant and rated to be submerged to 164 feet, so wearers can swim with it, as well as wash dishes and shower.


The Timex IQ+ Move was inaccurate when we compared the steps that it tracked with the actual amount of steps we took. We counted off 500 steps and the Timex tracked 360. Like the other trackers, the count of steps throughout the day would increase even when the tester was sitting at a desk or in a car. In the app, the wearer can adjust the distance tracker to fine tune the watch to your walking style. The calorie count seemed a little generous, as with no heart rate reference it’s relying on the movement detected by the watch only.


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