The North Face Stow and Go Bra Review

June 11, 2018
The North Face Stow and Go Bra
TNF Stow and Go 2
TNF Stow and Go 4
TNF Stow and Go 3
The North Face Stow and Go Bra TNF Stow and Go 2 TNF Stow and Go 4 TNF Stow and Go 3

The Good

  • Functional front storage pocket
  • Great balance of comfort & support

The Bad

  • Sizing runs small
  • Style is nothing fancy
The North Face Stow and Go Bra is smartly made in two compression styles for women with different cup sizes. This test group wore the A/B bra however it also comes in a more compressive C/D style for athletes with larger chests. Our testers unanimously liked this bra though the overall sizing seems to run on the small end of the spectrum. The sports bra provides plenty of support for all sports from high impact to yoga though it is more compressive than most testers said they needed. The bra is lauded for its chest storage pocket. Even so, few of the testers considered the pockets the best attribute. The bra was an overall favorite for its combination of style, comfort, and function.


The North Face Stow and Go Bra A/B has a snug and tight feel that is functional for high impact sports. This sports bra scored in the mid-range for comfort among the test group. Some testers reported the fit to be tight and constricting and downgraded their comfort scores, while others said the bra was one of the more comfortable in the test. Proper sizing was an important factor in determining comfort.

Fit / Mobility

Most testers reported that The North Face Stow and Go Bra A/B runs small and one tester recommended ordering up a half-size for more comfort. The bra was plenty stretchy when testers said the bra fit properly it was one of the best for mobility and movement.


The North Face Stow and Go Bra A/B is one of the best in the test group for offering high-impact support with lightweight and stretchy material. Testers reported good coverage and that “support was maximal” for A/B cups. Subsequently this bra is good for a range of sports from running to yoga.


The North Face’s proprietary FlashDry fabrics proved to be as breathable as promised. The North Face Stow and Go Bra A/B performed well in sweaty and humid conditions and the fabric kept skin dry while pulling moisture away from the body. The “body mapping” design also helped to move air through the bra and kept runners cool in warm weather.

 Style / Design

The scoop neck and racer back sports bra design is a classic. But where The North Face Stow and Go Bra A/B stands out is its front storage pocket that can hold a phone. However some testers were skeptical about running with a phone in a chest pocket. Those who wanted the option said to store a phone in chest pocket and not be cumbersome to run with is amazing. Others did not utilize the pocket or used it for smaller items like credit cards or keys. Regardless, the testers unanimously agreed that it was one of the better-looking sport bras in the test even if the style was basic sporty.


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