Spyderco Sage 1 Review

June 18, 2014
Spyderco Sage 1
Construction & Materials
Ease of Use
Edge Retention

The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Oversized thumbhole
  • CPM S30V blade steel

The Bad

  • Some folks have trouble with liner-locks
  • Somewhat expensive

I think the Spyderco Sage 1 would make a great pocket knife for the average user. Most people will find it a little too dressy for their hike on the Long Trail. But the other folks will say: “what’s wrong with looking good while doing the things you love?” In my mind, this knife is a pretty but tough S.O.B!


Construction & Materials
The Build
Spyderco is a big fan of using a stainless steel skeletonized frame. It keeps the knife light and very durable. Slapping a couple of carbon fiber handle scales around that frame will keep this knife looking brand new and functioning just as well, for years to come. I would have liked to have seen a solid pocket clip on this bad boy, instead of the wire-framed one.

The Lock
Liner locks are great on every day carry pocket knives, but–because of their design–they are not a fan favorite for backpacking, climbing, etc. The mechanism can be difficult to operate if the knife gets dirty and can be even more difficult with a gloved hand.

The Steel
S30V is a premium blade steel with a Rockwell rating of 58-60. It is durable, very rust resistant, and may never need to be sharpened as long as you own it.

On par with most Spyderco folders, the Sage 1 breaks down easily for repair or cleaning. Although very durable, damage to the carbon-fiber handles–such as gouging or chipping–would require they be replaced because the carbon fiber material is very hard to repair. But it proved to be a challenge to damage them.

This knife is extremely durable, but the wire pocket clip can be a bit of a chore as it bends much easier than a solid pocket clip.

Design & Ease Of Use
I have yet to find a Spyderco knife that wasn’t designed for ease of use. The pocket clip can be switched for left-or right hand use, which is made possible by the ambidextrous thumbhole. On the flip side; if you’re wearing gloves, you will have trouble with the liner-lock.

Edge Retention
I’m convinced that Spyderco has some secret way of sharpening knives because every one of their knives is just as sharp as a razor. By using S30V blade steel on this sucker, you may actually forget how to sharpen knives–because you will never have to!

Although I am a fan of the materials and weight of this knife, there are other knives out in the world that are less expensive. If you can find the Sage 1 for $130-150, it would make a great addition to your back pocket or side pocket.



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