Boker Plus Impetus Flipper Review

February 5, 2015
Boker Plus Impetus Flipper
Boker Plus Impetus Flipper 2-Boker-Impetus 3-Boker-Impetus
Construction & Materials
Ease of Use
Steel Quality & Edge Retention

The Good

  • Sheepsfoot blade is good general utility design
  • Smooth flipper action
  • Ease to use and maintain

The Bad

  • Production quality is lack
  • Blade steel is susceptible to chipping

Because the Boker Plus Impetus’ sheepsfoot blade doesn’t taper to a sharp point, any sort of stabbing is impossible. But the benefits of that blade style really shine for utility work. Bulky blades like the Impetus’ are all the rage right now—as are flippers—because of their functionality. When you put the two together you have a very useful tool that is a breeze to use and fun to carry.


The Boker Plus Impetus is the production version of a knife designed by Burchtree Bladeworks, who are known for their thicker and heavier blades. This flipper style knife features a 3/16-inch thick Sheepsfoot style blade, titanium bolsters, and G10 handles. It’s a handful of knife—but there’s no doubt it was built to put in work. Overall Length: 7.75” Blade Length: 3.25”


Construction And Materials
Although the construction of the Boker Plus Impetus is extremely durable and the materials are top notch, the production craftsmanship left me a little wanting. Out of the box there were burrs on the inside of the bolster that you could catch your thumb on when releasing the liner lock. After some slight filing I was able to remedy the situation.

Ease Of Use
The Boker Plus Impetus feels big and thick, but it’s got an incredibly smooth flipping action—smoother than I’ve seen on smaller, dressier knives.  The Sheepsfoot style blade does real well in cutting and slicing, which was an initial concern seeing the spine of the blade is 3/16-inch thick!

Steel Quality / Edge Retention
The Boker Plus Impetus uses classic 440C blade steel. It’s not fancy like some of the boutique steels manufacturers are utilizing these days, but it’s fairly corrosion resistant—which is aided by the stonewashed finish of the blade. It will keep an edge for a fair amount of time—but by composition—440C is more susceptible to chipping. Any instance of this can be remedied when you re-sharpen the blade.

The durability on the Boker Plus Impetus is through the roof, but it does require a little bit of upkeep. After long term use the pivot screw and pocket clips screws had loosened up. This is easy to take care of—as Boker supplies the T8 Torx wrench for these.  Additionally, a shot of White Lightning or another light grease lubricant can go a long way in keeping the IKBS ball-bearing pivot lubed and clean allowing this beast to flip for eons.

Generally speaking, Boker is all over the place with their pricing—but in the case of the Impetus, you’re getting a lot of material and technology at a fair price.


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