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August 15, 2018
Roxy Angie
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Roxy Angie Roxy Angie-1 Roxy Angie-FIELD2 Roxy Angie-FIELD1 Roxy Angie-7 Roxy Angie-6 Roxy Angie-4 Roxy Angie-3 Roxy Angie-2
Ease of Use

The Good

  • Soft, padded inner liner
  • Easy-to-use fit-system & buckle
  • Low-key & lightweight

The Bad

  • Not true to size; didn’t fit some testers
  • No venting system
  • Scuffs fairly easily
The Roxy Angie lacks vents and does not employ much protective technology. It also didn’t fit all of our testers, but was comfortable for the testers that it did fit. The buckle, dial-fit system, and goggle strap are easy to use with gloves on, and testers loved the lightweight and sleek appearance.

The Roxy Angie is a women’s specific, lightweight winter helmet with a double micro shell with EPS shock absorbing foam. New colorways have been added to the 2019 lineup.


The Roxy Angie fit testers comfortably throughout the day, but it did not fit true to size and was too small for some of the testers. For those that it did fit, it didn’t create any hotspots, but did feel overall tighter than the other helmets (we probably could have sized up to a Medium and with the dial-fit system, this helmet would have been able to fit all testers). The dial-fit system helped secure the helmet without feeling too tight or uncomfortable pressure, and the overall shape of the helmet didn’t create any gaps near the top or sides of the head. The Roxy Angie did keep testers’ heads warm throughout the day, with fully covered ear pads and a soft inner lining. Some testers did state that the full and padded ear pads hindered their hearing completely, while others thought it was comparable to other helmets tested with full hearing ability. The inner lining was one of the most padded of all the helmets tested, which could have contributed to a tighter feel and size issues.


The Roxy Angie is the lightest of all the helmets tested by the listed manufactor’s weight (400 grams) but felt just slightly heavier than the second lightest, the K2 Virtue (430 grams). When on, testers reported the helmet feeling a little round and slightly top heavy, though it didn’t hinder any movement or get in the way when looking in all directions. The helmet does have a very round shape, unlike the K2 or the Giro, but didn’t aesthetically look as large or round as the Sweet Protection Switcher or the Bolle Juliet.


Of all the helmets tested, the Roxy Angie had the least amount of vents and no adjustable venting system at all. In the front, there are two very small, non-adjustable vents and in the back near the top of the head, there are two slightly larger, non-adjustable vents. By comparison, the Giro Terra doesn’t have an adjustable vent system either, but did have a larger, more passive venting system in place. On cold days, the Roxy Angie kept testers’ heads warm, but on sunny days with warmer temperatures, testers’ heads did feel slightly too hot without any venting system and sweaty with the padded inner lining. The inner lining does have mesh along the top, whereas the sides and ears is fleece, which did help slightly on very warm days.

Ease of Use

The dial-fit system was extremely easy to use with gloves on; the dial is the largest of all the helmets tested but didn’t get in the way of movement and has a grippy outer layer so gloves won’t slip around. The buckle is a magnetic Fidlock buckle, so it can be opened one handed. The ear pads are easy to remove and are similar to the K2 pads where the entire pads and full lining come off, as opposed to just the ear pads like with the Bolle or Sweet Protection. A variety of goggles fit well with no gaper gap. The Roxy Angie has the smallest of brims, which didn’t create any difficulties when getting goggles on and off. The goggle strap was also easy to use with a large pull tab and a clip to secure. The helmet has a two-tone, matte colorway with funky designs on the lower half, which scuffed fairly easily.


The Roxy Angie has a double micro shell with a lightweight in-mold construction, and EPS foam for shock absorption and overall protection. It has a goggle strap, dial-fit system, Fidlock one-handed buckle, but does not have an active venting system and is not audio compatible.  

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