XX2i Brazil1 Sunglasses

Written by: Gavin Coombs

The Brazil1 by XX2i Optics is a really nice-looking pair of sunglasses. We tested the matte tortoise color with “polar brown” lenses. These are pretty unassuming sunglasses that look great on the trail and out on the town. The little chrome dots add a nice little touch to them without being overly gaudy. Unfortunately, they Read more ›

XX2i Bermuda1 Sunglasses

Written by: Gavin Coombs

The XX2i Bermuda1 are a great looking pair of sunglasses. The first thing you notice is the striking look with its blue lenses and the matte black and white accent. The look could be a little polarizing but generally do look good. They are a little on the heavy side but feel solid and well Read more ›

Spy Frazier Sunglasses

Written by: Gavin Coombs

The Spy Frazier is a great looking pair of sunglasses that performs well in all situations. The Frazier looks great with (as tested) the matte black finish and blue mirror lenses. They effortlessly transition from trail to town and are comfortable enough to be worn all day. The wide set frame and hinged arms add Read more ›

Smith Attack Sunglasses

Written by: Gavin Coombs

The Smith Attack is a pretty well-rounded pair of performance sunglasses. The frameless design has a lot of advantages such as being a very lightweight, flexible and great peripheral vision. The weight and flex make for a very comfortable pair of sunglasses that can comfortably be worn all day. They have a curved arm, instead Read more ›

Julbo Aerospeed Sunglasses

Written by: Gavin Coombs

The Julbo Aerospeed are high end, performance-oriented sunglasses. They feature an XXL large lens that comes in a few different options. We tested the Reactive Photochromic Zebra lens. There are two other Zebra lens options, a slightly darker version, and a red/blue tint option, as well as their basic polycarbonate lens. These sunglasses are very Read more ›

Julbo Renegade Sunglasses

Written by: Gavin Coombs

The Julbo Renegade is a very good all-around pair of sunglasses with a modern style frame and performance lenses. The Renegade looks great while riding or running and while hanging at the bar. For casual style sunglasses, these topped all others from XX2i and Zeal. They are incredibly comfortable and could be worn all day Read more ›

Bolle Aeromax Sunglasses

Written by: Gavin Coombs

The Bolle Aeromax is a nice pair of sunglasses that aren’t shy about their dramatic look but also offer high levels of functionality. They are fairly comfortable and have some nice adjustable features like the fully customizable nose-piece and bendable arms. This adjustability helps when you have to wear these all day since you can Read more ›

Scarpa Gea RS

Written by: Brad Steele

Based on what I see in the backcountry and on resort it’s no surprise to hear that the Scarpa Gea and Gea RS are one of the bestselling women’s AT boots on the market. Scarpa’s complete series of AT boots underwent a major upgrade in 2017 and before the upgrade the Gea and Gea RS Read more ›

Wilier Cento 10 NDR

Written by: Seth Portner

Wilier’s Cento 10 NDR is a full carbon race quality bicycle with an aluminum link on the rear triangle below the seat stays that allows for a modicum of movement. The cushioning is achieved by compressing a “technopolymer” (read rubber) material allowing the rear axle to move upwards about 3mms. The Actiflex can be adjusted Read more ›

Time Fluidity

Written by: Seth Portner

The Time Fluidity spoke to me. This is what it said. “I am everything you like about road bikes, and nothing that you don’t.” If you like a bike that embodies classic road biking, while also bringing innovation that is invisible to the outside world, you will enjoy the Time Fluidity. Featuring the Aktiv vibration Read more ›

Look 795 Light RS

Written by: Seth Portner

Look’s 795 Light RS demands your attention. The design of the bike captures the rider and gawker’s focus. By contrast to other machines we reviewed, the Look is driving forward towards a new approach to bicycle design and creation, which caught our eye, and our appreciation. The Looks will reward the rider that enjoys that Read more ›

Canyon CF SLX

Written by: Seth Portner

  I was interested in riding the Canyon. These bikes are well known to anyone that follows international cycling as quality racing machines that often assist their riders to stand upon the World Tour podiums. Canyon is known for the quality of their bikes, coupled with how they have successfully driven down the costs by Read more ›