Burton Yeasayer Flying V Review

April 11, 2018
Burton Yeasayer Flying V
Pop & Energy
Edge Hold

The Good

  • Fun lively feel
  • Versatile for all mountain riding
  • New & improved DejaVu design
  • Easy to turn

The Bad

  • Does not handle speed
  • Only small sizes available
  • Limited to intermediate terrain
Burton’s Yeaysayer is a new model for the 2018/2019 winter and is a replacement for the DejaVu. Its all terrain design is fun and playful, while still handling well. It’s poppy and fun, initiates turns easily, and rides well in a variety of conditions. The Yeasayer Flying V is not the most advanced board in its class, nor is it the best for floating in powder, or edge control, but what it lacks in standing out in any one category is overall performance across the board.

Our testers rode the flying V model, however this board will also be available in a flat top model. This board will likely be the best selling intermediate Burton women’s model for years to come. It is a stand out intermediate all terrain board for simply riding the mountain and having fun while doing so, which is what most of our testers were looking for in a snowboard.

The board offers small sizes, but does not have a lot of variety or bigger options for taller or more advanced riders. Though the Yeasayer is an intermediate all terrain dream, it is limited in progression because of size choices and stiffness.


Burton’s signature Flying V technology is known for superior handling and control, while still be playful enough to be a fun ride an the new Yeasyaer Flying V is just that. It scores well in handling however it does not hold speed as well as other boards in the test.

Pop + Energy

The board has a lively feel with plenty of flex and pop, while still holding and edge and handling variable terrain. Compared to other boards in this test the Yeasyaer is average to above average in pop and energy. Testers said they felt they got as much energy out of the board as they put into it.


The hybrid rocker camber model of the Yeasayer floats well in soft snow however this is far from a powder board. Rocker between the feet and at the tip and tail make it a great all-around board that will float just as well as anything else in its class. However, it performs best in packed powder and wind buff and fresh groomers.  


The twin shape and twin flex give this board versatility for riding switch, or forward. It can be a freeride, freestyle, or park board, while maintaining stability. The Yeasayer is a fun riding board and if anything the versatility is where it stands out.

Edge Hold

The playfulness, versatility and superior handling of this board also makes it one of the easiest boards to turn. The side cut radius is just right for initiating turns well and holding an edge. It does not, however, have the best edge control in the test group to handle higher speeds. It does stand out in ease of transition rail to rail.


The Vermont-based company manufactures snowboards overseas, and offers warranty repair with guaranteed 48-hour turnaround on defects of workmanship. Burton realizes it can improve environmentally and is taking steps to be a more environmentally conscious snowboard manufacturer. “The environment is in crisis, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to act. We are not where we want to be and we recognize that we have opportunities to improve across the board,” Burton says on its website. The commitment to warranty is considered the best in the business, however.

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