It Might Be Time to Upgrade Your Roof Box

Written by: Justin Nyberg

Honestly, I don’t think much about roof boxes. They’re big, expensive yarmulkes for your car. You want to buy one good one that’s going to last for years and forget about it. But Thule’s new Force XT has me thinking it’s probably time for a lot of roof box owners to start thinking about an Read more ›

What’s Great (and Not So Great) About BioLite’s New “Headband” Headlamp

BioLite knows how to do one thing really well: designing products that stand out. Since BioLite’s slick-looking, wood-burning, phone-charging CampStove hit the market in 2012, every product the company has put out—from its techy grills to its techy lighting and charging systems—has had the Apple-esque combination of form, function, and millennial appeal that has made Read more ›

Gear for Machu Picchu: Five Days on the Salkantay Trek

First piece of advice: Do it. The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu is awesome. It’s a scenic, 5-day trek to Machu Picchu that trades the masses lumbering up the Inca Trail for soaring alpine scenery and relative solitude. The trail starts in an alpine region at 12,600 feet, climbs over a 15,000-foot pass beneath glaciated peaks, Read more ›