Less is Everything: Ultralight Running Tips From Kris Brown

It’s the nature of the sport. Ultra-runners need to minimize the weight of any gear they use. But trail running pro Kris Brown takes weight-saving to new levels.  “I try to go as minimal as possible,” the 31-year old Santa Barbara runner says. For Brown, that means essentially gear-free. Whenever possible, he shuns packs and Read more ›

Inside the “Everything Shoe”: HOKA’s Do-It-All Speedgoat 4

Back in the olden days (circa 2009), when the rest of the running world leaned into the minimalist movement, HOKA ONE ONE® went big. HOKA’s oversized foam midsoles and aggressive rockers attracted runners who had been disillusioned by the trend toward thin, barely-there minimalist shoes. A decade later, the brand jumped feet first into the Read more ›

The 10 Golden Rules of Better Hiking  

Hiking is simple. You just pick a trail and walk on it. Easy right? The problem is this: We constantly see hikers and backpackers who are making their experience a lot heavier and more uncomfortable than they need to. They bring too much stuff. They’re wearing the wrong shoes. It looks like they’re – suffering. Read more ›

The Tech Story Behind Hoka’s Big New Hiking Boots

Written by: Dan Nelson

Hoka One One’s new maximalist hiking boots may be grabbing a lot of attention for their uniqueness, but I noticed a real comfort improvement over traditional boots after a few outings. I wanted to dig in to the tech on these new shoes to understand what was going on. The first thing to understand is Read more ›

Will Hoka’s New Boots Change Hiking?

Written by: Dan Nelson

In 2009, the running shoe industry was mesmerized with one concept: Minimalism. It was everywhere. Magazines gushed about the benefits of scaled-back running shoes. Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run, which celebrated the barefoot and minimalist running shoe ethic, was on its way to selling three million copies. It seemed like you couldn’t run a Read more ›

A Game-Changing Ice Cleat for Commuters

The problem with wearing ice cleats around town is having them on your feet when you don’t need them. You can’t walk inside with them. You can’t really drive with them. You are constantly pulling them on and off. Get a load of groceries from the car—put them on; go inside—take them off. Repeat. That’s Read more ›