A Sport Utility…Bathrobe?

A Sport Utility…Bathrobe?

Winnifred Beach Sports Utility Bathrobe-1
Here’s a head scratcher. Designed for adventurers who are equal parts Conrad Anker and Hugh Heffner, the new Sports Utility Bathrobe ($300) is one of the downright strangest products we’ve seen in a while. Hand-crafted in California by boutique manufacturer Winnifred Beach, this targets a sweet-spot that must exist—somewhere—on the extreme fringes of outdoor recreation: “a robe…perfect for general lounging, après surfing, canine walking, and coffee running.” Its bamboo-cotton fleece construction is reinforced with brushed nylon panels and pockets, a lined and adjustable hood, and a long synch belt, so it can handle both indoor and outdoor conditions. You get two deep side pockets and two chest pockets—one with a Velcro closure, and another with toothbrush, pen, and smartphone slots. And if you go out for coffee in one of these, be sure to send us a selfie at Starbucks.—Nathan Borchelt

Winnifred Beach Sports Utility Bathrobe-2

Winnifred Beach Sports Utility Bathrobe-3

And we love the way it looks on a real model.