The Weird…But In A Good Way

The Weird…But In A Good Way

You’ve got to hand it to these companies. They’re thinking outside of the box (and bottle, and bag…)

Here are some of our favorite creative ideas from the Winter Outdoor Retailer show 2012:

1) Selk’bag

This Argentinian comany sells sleeping bags you can also—um, walk around in. They aren’t quite down suits—I wouldn’t suggest going after any 8,000 meter peaks in these. But they’re apparently very popular with gamers, truckers, and aspiring astronauts, and warm down to 48-degrees F, or 16 degrees F, depending on the model. The upshot: Starting at $99, they aren’t hard on the pocket book.



2) Gheek

We love companies that don’t take themselves too seriously. Any company named “Gheek” is one we can immediately get behind. They make little fabric goggle protectors. If you’re a high-ranking member of the Gheek army, you would snap these onto your goggles to protect the lenses when they are on your forehead. For the rest of us, they are just nice sleeves that keep the strap buckle from scratching up the inside of the goggle.