Shackets are the new Black

Shackets are the new Black

Everybody knows that shackets are way cooler than jackets. Cool kids do not wear jackets, they wear heavily-insulated flannels layered with hand-me-down western vests and vintage-inspired pullover fleeces. But now you don’t even have to be a Millennial to rock a shacket. There’s bunch of even cooler ones on the market that, when worn with the right hat, can transport you back to the days when you, too, were too cool to wear a jacket.

Craghoppers Derwent. $90

CH M Derwent Hooded Jacket burgundy combo F14The Derwent Hooded Jacket from the UK’s Craghoppers has taken my steeze to a new level. Trucker hat and hood up and the skater kids let me pass on the street with mad props. Seriously though, this woolly, fleece-lined flannel shacket is extremely warm and comfy, and features a light DWR finish on the brushed plaid fabric, available in three colors. It’s one of those pieces that you just want to wear all the time once the temps drop.

Mountain Hardwear Flannel Shacket, $100

MH-shacketFrom hardcore outdoor and lifestyle apparel specialist Mountain Hardwear comes the, no tricky names here, Flannel Shacket. Make this your go-to après piece, and on spring days, you’ll even be skiing in it, if you’re hip enough. Because only old geezers ski in jackets. This shacket is endowed with a microfleece lining and will endure some moisture. It’s a great shoulder season piece and is stylish enough for any mountain town setting. 

Chrome Work Shirt, $180

chrome-warmworkshirt heroChrome has always been a trend leader, from its industry-leading messenger bags to its super stylish urban bike wear. They are on point still with their Warm Work Shirt, one of the most stylish and practical garments I’ve ever used. It’s reversible from black to a visible, yet still fashionable, orange; and it folds down into it’s own pocket for transport in a pack or bag. The water-resistant nylon is endowed with reflective hits, cool pockets and vents, perfect for bicycle commuting, working in a garage, and other cool weather outdoor activities where you don’t want to get too technical. 

KAVU Oswald, $90

kavu-oswaldThis classic brand you may remember from it’s awesome visors all the climbers wore back in the ‘90s is back in a big way, with spiffy, updated lifestyle apparel for men and women that you’re sure to love. They are full on with the shacket trend, and the Oswald in Blue Slate does not disappoint. Instead of fleece on the inside, it’s got nylon quilting, which slides on real nice over other layers. It’s got a very hip look when ironed and buttoned up, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation. The heavy weight herringbone flannel proves resistant against the elements, and if you’re cool enough to rock this shacket, you don’t care if you get a little wet anyway, while gaining valuable style points. Plenty of pockets and snaps on the front round out this must-have non-jacket.