Move over stand-up paddleboards. You’re about to get some new competition.

Yesterday, Hobie – a brand that is best known for making kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and small sailboats – took the wraps of an entirely new type of personal watercraft, and quite possibly created a new category of water sport at the same time. The company has unveiled what could be the world’s first stand-up pedal board, which opens up some interesting possiblities for all kinds of fun out on the water.

This new product comes in two models – the Mirage Eclipse 10.5 and the Mirage Eclipse 12. Both resemble a stand-up paddleboard in many respects with a couple of obvious differences. Not the least of those distinctions is the inclusion of a modified version of Hobie’s very own MirageDrive, which is something we’ve seen on the company’s kayaks in the past. The MirageDrive allows paddlers to actually use their legs and feet to generate propulsion, propelling themselves over lakes, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water with relative ease. It has been especially popular with anglers, who are able to move about without having to use their hands. On the new Mirage Eclipse, riders will be able to simply step down on a pair of pedals that are integrated into the top of the board, creating forward momentum in the process.


The MirageDrive isn’t the only addition to the paddleboard however, as Hobie has also included a set of handlebars that help to steer this unique watercraft. Those handlebars connect to a rudder that allows the person riding the Mirage Eclipse to change direction as needed. If you want to turn left, simply squeeze the left caliper on the handle bars and it’ll begin to turn in that direction. Want to go right, just pull on the right caliper instead. And when you find yourself in shallow water, the rudder can be pulled up, and a standard paddle can be used for propulsion instead.

These new watercraft look like a lot of fun, but they won’t come cheap. The Mirage Eclipse 10.5 model carries a price tag of $2499, with the Mirage Eclipse 12 running $100 more. They’ll be available to purchase later this spring, and will come in two colors – yellow and blue.

Find out more at HobieCat.com and check out the video below to see these pedal boards in action.