Ruffwear’s Dirtbag keeps cars clean

Ruffwear’s Dirtbag keeps cars clean

Few things rival the pleasure of lying outdoors with a dog. Whether hiking, rafting, skiing or just romping on a shoreline, dogs love getting outside as much as we do.

But while we two-legged adventurers can change our clothes before jumping into our cars for the cruise home, dogs are stuck to their coats—and what’s stuck to that coat gets toted into your car.

Enter the Dirtbag—the Ruffwear Dirtbag Seat Cover securely affixes to car seats, providing a waterproof barrier between dirty dogs and clear car seats. The stout nylon cover securely attaches to backseat headrest posts to drape down over the rear seats and floor. For a more complete barrier, the other end can be affixed to the front seat headrest posts, creating a comfortable hammock to cradle your canine companion. The non-slip material lets the dogs comfortably lie down without slipping and slide on the way home.

The Dirtbag packs into its own zippered stuff sack for easy transport when not in use, and when necessary, it can be tossed into a standard washing machine for thorough cleaning. The $80 cover keeps cars clean and dogs secure when traveling to and from outdoor adventures.