Peak Design: Camera mount for fast action

Peak Design: Camera mount for fast action

Peak Design Capture Pro Pack: A fast-draw option for photographers

Peak Design gives 21st century shooters a quick-draw option that lets them get off a shot faster any old west gunslinger.

Peak Design’s Capture Pro Camera Clip attaches to virtually any belt, shoulder strap, or sling where it securely holds any camera equipped with the clip’s camera mount. The highly adjustable Capture mounts firmly even to thick, padded shoulder straps. To draw your camera simply grab it, press the easy-to-reach red release button, and start shooting.

Peak Designs Pro

We tested the Capture Pro with a range of cameras, from small point-and-shoots to full-size professional dSLRs fitted with long, heavy lenses. The Capture Pro held them all securely even when trotting up steep mountain trails to get last-minute shots of fading evening alpenglow.

The all-metal Capture Pro works best for the bigger dSLR rigs, but the standard Capture Clip made from aluminum and nylon components, worked well for smaller point & shoot cameras and even GoPros. I learned to use standard Capture on my belt with my small waterproof camera, while the Pro—mounted to my pack’s shoulder straps—kept my Canon 6D ready for action.

The Pro Pack includes the all-metal Capture Pro, a metal mounting clip—which is also fully compatible with Arca-Swiss type tripod heads—and two straps: The long shoulder-strap-style Leash and the shorter Cuff wrist-strap. The pack also includes the Peak Design Pad, a small semi-rigid panel that accepts the Capture and that slips on to belts up to 3 inches wide. The Pad proved to be a great means of effortlessly moving the Capture off my pack’s hipbelt to my pant’s waist belt after I dropped the pack. The Pro Pack sells for $150 while the Pro Capture Clip alone runs $80. See details here.