Noblecamper Boulderlite 4
In the backcountry man’s best friend has quickly become an essential companion, and while we appreciate that sleeping with your dog in the tent offers an extra heat source, there’s no reason the four-legged variety should just have a blanket to keep them comfy. Give them what their loyalty has earned. The Noblecamper Boulderlite is a two-in-one cainine bed and sleeping bag that compresses down into a small stuff sack. The bottom zip lets the sides of the bed unfold to become a full sleeping bag to lock out the elements during the next polar vortex. A ripstop nylon outer shell is durable and waterproof, while the plush taslan nylon liner provides a more comfortable, breathable, fast-drying surface to keep your dog cozy and dry. You can pre-order the Boulderlite now for $149—which they say is $30 cheaper than when it’ll be released. The price includes a free travel dog bowl and free shipping on the expected 30 January release. It comes in four sizes, with diameters than range from 22 to 34 inches.
—Nathan Borchelt

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