Got blog?

Got blog?

The Gear Institute is looking for high-quality gear review sites to join our network of partners. Learn more here.

Some of the best and most thorough gear testing is not being done in the traditional media. It’s being done by dedicated bloggers who beat the hell out of their gear and tell about it. That’s our kind of gear tester.

If you currently have a blog and heavily test outdoor gear, we may invite you to join our network of Gear Institute partner sites.

Think of us as a directory of the best gear testing content on the Web. We certify the best sites out there—those that meet the Gear Institute standards for editorial integrity and high quality expert generated content—and promote those sites, and drive new viewers their way.

• We’ll promote your site and drive traffic to it.
• We’ll provide you access to a much broader audience.
• We’ll help give your site the institutional credibility that comes with being endorsed by our network.
• You’ll be a part of our community of passionate gear heads. We’re a community of people who believe our fellow outdoor enthusiasts deserve unbiased, expert advice about the gear they buy, and we believe in celebrating experts with the highest journalistic standards. We hope you’ll join us.

Send us a link to your work, and we’ll be in touch: [email protected]