Völkl 100Eight Skis Review

June 19, 2018
Völkl 100Eight Skis

The Good

  • Snappy & fun to ski
  • Versatile enough for all snow conditions & terrain
  • Carve well
  • Very forgiving
  • Fast edge-to-edge transition

The Bad

  • On the heavy side for a touring ski
Like the Volkl V-Werk Katana and V-Werk BMT 109 Skis, the 100Eights are a powerful ski that likes to go fast and play hard. With enough mass to plow through variable snow conditions and tackle any terrain you throw at them, the 100Eights are a serious quiver of one ski. The only downside to these sticks is their almost nine pound weight, which is a little on the heavier side for a dedicated backcountry ski.

You can cram as much high-tech material and engineering into a ski as you like, but if the end result isn’t fun to play on then it’s all for naught. While the design of the Volkl 100Eights incorporates a large amount of wizardry, at the end of the day these are simply one of the most fun and energetic skis I’ve ever had underfoot. Not only does this make for a smile-inducing ride, but it allows you to better negotiate variable snow and terrain conditions. No matter what I threw at these skis they always plowed through with grace and style. Be sure you have the power and ability to drive the 100Eights hard, as they like to run fast; If you’re unable to drive them properly these skis will end up driving you.


Volkl’s 3D Ridge carbon construction uses a central raised ridge down the length of the ski to reduce mass at the edges. This minimizes swing-weight without sacrificing power or performance. The core uses a multi-layered poplar wood with durable ash under foot which has been wrapped in a fibreglass composite. This provides a solid power transfer from tip to tail. The softer poplar wood used in the majority of the ski provides a snappy resilience and a flex pattern which is tailored to each length of ski. Carbon stringers enhance the ski’s torsional stiffness for quick edge-to-edge power and a snappy, playful feel.


The Volkl 100Eights are 108mm underfoot and maximize torsional stiffness with the use of carbon stringers. Even though most of this ski’s mass is in the center while being thinner at the edges, their stability is quite impressive. At speed, the 100Eight’s ride is smooth and effortless (to the point that you may actually scare yourself). They hold an edge in any snow condition and eat up hardpack and variable snow. Being a stiffer ski, you’d expect to be bounced around a little in the driver’s seat, but their flex pattern is forgiving and seems to iron out even the roughest terrain.


The Volkl 100Eights are one of the best resort skis I have ever tested, given their in bounds performance and ability to rip groomers. They are also very competent in deep snow thanks to their overall dimensions and full rocker profile. They can float in pow just as well as they can rail a GS turn down a field of corduroy. If you can only afford a single ski to do it all, the 100Eights are well worth considering.


An efficient touring ski typically weighs in at around 6 to 7 pounds. The Volkl 100Eights carry an extra pound and a half of weight per pair, which translates into a disadvantage when it comes to climbing. They say that “a pound on the foot is 10 on the back” so this can be a handicap for those who like to go for big vertical days in the backcountry. If you’re still in your 20s however, then you’ll barely notice the added weight and revel in the performance it provides.


With 108mm underfoot and 141mm in the nose, the Volkl 100Eight Skis offer up plenty of float in deep pow. Combine this with their full rocker profile and you have a ski whose nose stays on top with minimal effort. The extra weight of the 100Eights that I mentioned above is a huge benefit as it allows these skis to plow through unconsolidated snow and deeper pillows with ease.

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Skis were tested while ski touring at Whitewater Ski Resort in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. All skis are tested in bounds on groomers, and out of bounds in powder and variable snow conditions.


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