Soleus 2.0 GPS Review

January 8, 2013
Soleus 2.0 GPS
GPS Accuracy
Battery Life
Satellite Acquisition Speed

The Good

  • Great accuracy with quick satellite acquisition
  • Attractive sizing, near normal standard running watch size
  • Ease of use
  • Good battery life

The Bad

  • Not heart rate compatible
  • No altitude
  • Limited data fields
  • Bad computer software

The Soleus 2.0 is a good introductory GPS watch—on par with other basic units—that comes with very poor software, and no extras (like heart rate monitoring or altitude readings). For an introductory watch, the Soleus 1.0 might be a better option to save the $50 or so you’d be spending on the unreliable software. If software is your desire, there are better watches out there from Timex or Garmin.


The Soleus 2.0 can connect to and upload data from the watch to a PC. At present it is not Mac compatible. The unit has the basic features you would find in a $100 entry-level GPS unit such a pace, current pace, distance, laps, and calories burned.

The watch size is comparable to other GPS units. Its quite comparable in size to the Timex Marathon GPS [LINK], and indeed is identical in many other respects (sans the ability to upload data with the Timex). They both have the same internal software, just different looks.

Power-Up and Running
Starting a run is simple—a quick press of the GPS button. The unit found satellites quickly; it takes around 20-40 seconds. The unit displays current time, elapsed time, distance, and pace.

The lap and auto lap functions are straight forward as well, and the length of auto laps can be easily set to metric or imperial units. The watch also works like a standard running watch with start and stop buttons.

Post Run
When you’ve completed your run, you must save your run’s data by holding the Stop button. To view your run, simply look into the Run Data menu. It’s really a very simple process to view your data manually, but for those who want to view a lot of data at once you can upload to the Soleus software.

The software is extremely basic and—frankly—not that great. It is generic and unreliable. I had it crash a few times, even when trying it on multiple PCs. This is troubling, because the main difference between the 1.0 and 2.0 is the ability to upload one’s workouts with the 2.0. The extra $50 you spend on the 2.0 steep, considering you only get undependable software. Software can always be improved and I am hopeful it does but at present the Soleus software is subpar.

Accuracy and Battery Life

I did find the 2.0 to be accurate. Like the Timex GPS it was only 20m off after my 5000m track test, so the accuracy is great.

The battery life on the unit was quite good. The GPS life in the 8 hour range, and in standby (non GPS mode), it will last several days.


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