Boobs Get Individual Attention in New CW-X Campaign

Boobs Get Individual Attention in New CW-X Campaign

In an ad campaign currently running in magazines such as Fitness, Runner’s World and Trail Runner, CW-X is celebrating its support for the individual nature of boobs. In the campaign, an image shows a woman wearing the new CW-X VersatX bra with the words: “Finally, A Sports Bra That Treats Boobs As Individuals.”


The ad emphasizes a floating suspension system made for each breast which provides more independent movement, increased support and comfort. Kinesiologists at the Wacoal Sports Science Corp., (the parent company of CW-X) studied tens of thousands of women before they created another breakthrough sports product—the Sport Support bra—and continue to innovate in a market that presently accounts for 20% of the brand’s sales.


“The majority of growth in running and other fitness activities is in the female sector,” said John L.A. Wilson, president and COO of New York-based Wacoal Sports Science Corp. “The Holy Grail for women is a bra that provides comfort, support, and looks good, and we’ve accomplished that. Our ad campaigns have tried from the beginning to tell a technical bra story in familiar, concise fashion.”


Wilson said CW-X worked with an all-woman creative team at Walrus advertising to find new ways to speak about their bra, and according to Frances Webster, managing director of Walrus, that sense of individual attention was what resonated. “Most sports bra manufacturers see breasts as a single entity, and strive only to strap them down,” Webster said. “CW-X bras are constructed with support webs for each individual breast.”