3 Top All Mountain Skis for Women

3 Top All Mountain Skis for Women

Three Top All Mountain Skis for Women (2012-13)

Megan Michelson ripped the hell out of these three skis last season. For her full reports, go here.

Atomic Millennium

1Atomic Millenium 2012

What it is: A women’s powder ski with 110 millimeters in the waist, rocker in the tip and tail, and camber underfoot. It comes in lengths of 161, 169, and 177 centimeters.

The Verdict: For advanced to expert-level women skiers looking for a legitimate powder ski that doubles as an all-mountain cruiser, the Millennium is your answer. It’s soft in the flex and user-friendly for smaller and lighter girls, but the wood core gives it the strength to handle even the fastest speeds of hard-charging females. The rockered tip will bust through crud and powder, while camber underfoot gives it edge on hardpack. Length: 161, 169, 177 cm. Dimensions: 130-110-122 mm. Price: $750

Read the full report here.

Armada VJJ

1Armada VJJ 2012

What it is: The VJJ is 115 millimeters underfoot with a wide, shovel-like rockered tip and tail, a wood core, and camber underfoot.

The Verdict: The ultimate powder ski for ripping, I-ski-everything-on-the-mountain women. The VJJ is built for strong Western female skiers looking for a high-speed tool for the steep and deep. If you’re a big-mountain skier who’s always searching for powder and typically overpowers women’s skis, you’ve finally found your match. Despite is rockered shape and fat width, the VJJ is shockingly adept at all terrain—it’s not built for groomers, but you’ll get down the corduroy with ease. Length: 165, 175 cm Dimensions: 126-115-123 mm Price: $900

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Salomon Rockette 115

Salomon Rockette 2012

What it is: An uber-fat powder ski made with a slightly softer flex for women of nearly all abilities.

The Verdict: This user-friendly and playful ski can float through deep snow and carve up the rest of the mountain with relative ease. It’s stable and hardy enough for expert women tackling big-mountain terrain, but not so stiff and heavy that it’ll be overbearing for less aggressive skiers. My mom and I would love this ski equally. Length: 156, 164, 170, 178. Dimensions: 137-115-127 mm. Price: $810

Read the full report here.