One of the more annoying things about wearing a backpack is that you routinely have to take it off and on, just so you can access certain pieces of gear that are stored inside. That isn’t a problem when it happens once or twice a day, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, it can quickly become annoying. But a company called Paxis has come up with a solution to this problem. They’ve designed an innovative pack that gives you access to your gear anytime, or anywhere, without having to take it off at all. 

At first glance, the Paxis Mt. Pickett 20 looks like just about any other backpack on the market. It features water resistant fabrics, thickly padded shoulder straps and hip belt, a ventilated backpanel, and plenty of pockets for storage and organization. It is also hydration ready, includes a tablet pocket, and is available with either 18- or 22-liters of storage capacity.


But, all of the Paxis packs have a secret. The storage compartment on the bag is actually split into two distinct sections, with the top area built to mimic a typical backpack in most respects. That’s where you’ll store everything you won’t need to quickly access while out on the trail, but still want with you for those “just in case” moments. For instance, you’ll throw your lunch, a jacket, and a first aid kit in this main storage area so that they’ll be available if and when you might need them.

But It is the bottom section of the backpack that gives the Paxis its unique qualities. That’s because the lower half of the bag is actually connected to a hinged-arm that has the ability to swing around to the front of your body so that its contents can quickly and easily be reached at a moments notice. This can be done without ever having to remove the pack from your back, making it an extremely convenient option for fishermen, photographers, hikers, or anyone else who needs quick access to their gear on a regular basis. 


The Mt. Pickett is available in a variety of colors, with the 18-liter version selling for $239, while the 22-liter model is going for $249. A special “first responder” version is also available for $275.  Find out more, and place your order, on the Paxis website