Ride in Comfort and Style This Summer with Gear From SUGOI

Ride in Comfort and Style This Summer with Gear From SUGOI


Ask any cyclist and they’ll tell you that having the right gear make all the difference while out on the road. If you want to stay comfortable on a long ride, the clothes you wear can play a huge part in making that happen. That’s been the philosophy behind everything that SUGOI has designed and produced for years, as the athlete-focused company continues to create outstanding apparel for everyone from weekend riders to professional triathletes. 

This spring I’ve had the chance to test out a couple of SUGOI’s latest creations both on the road and trail. As usual, I came away impressed with the overall quality and value that this brand continues to deliver to outdoor athletes, delivering a high level of performance at great prices. Here’s what I’ve been wearing on my recent rides.


RPM Lined Shorts ($80)
Mainly built with the mountain biker in mind, the RPM Lined Short works equally well for urban commuters too. That’s because they are not only incredibly comfortable to wear, they happen to look great as well. This makes them an equally great choice for riding around town or hitting up a local pub after a tough day on the trail. 

The shorts include an integrated liner complete with chamois, two hand pockets, two rear pockets, and a zippered security picket on the right thigh. As you would expect, the soft stretch fabrics that SUGOI used on the RPM shorts  are highly breathable and quick drying, while still managing to retain the ability to offer protection from the wind and rain too. This lends the shorts a nice level of versatility, allowing them to be your go-to option in all kinds of weather. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of the fact that these highly technical mountain biking shorts don’t happen to look like they are mountain biking shorts. If you saw someone wearing them in any other setting you probably wouldn’t think twice about them at all. I love to ride of course, but I don’t always need to broadcast that fact to everyone else around me either. While wearing the RPM Lined Short, I don’t have to. 

Priced at $80, these are a great pair of shorts that any mountain biker or urban commuter is sure to love. They are comfortable, durable, and versatile. What more could you ask from your gear? 


RS Jacket ($80)
If you’re in need of a lightweight rain jacket for those unexpected spring and summer showers, SUGOI has you covered as well. The RS Jacket is made up of incredibly light fabrics that still manage to keep the rain at bay without causing you to overheat in the warmer temperatures. The RS even offers some protection from the wind as well, which is a very impressive feat when you consider its price point and just how thin it truly is. 

There aren’t a lot of frills to be had on the RS Jacket. It is a straight forward piece of cycling apparel that features an athletic cut that helps cut down on wind resistance, and a simple design that still manages to look good too. It does have a handy zippered pocket on the back that is perfect for keeping your smartphone secure from the elements or for carrying keys, an ID, and a couple of small tools. SUGOI has also outfitted the jacket with stretch fabrics around the collar and wrists, which aid in keeping the wearer dry without becoming restrictive in any way.

My favorite aspect of the RS Jacket is how it compresses down to an incredibly small footprint and stores itself inside its own pocket. That makes it easy to toss in a backpack or store under the seat of your bike for when you really need it. I also love that it is a full-zip jacket, as that makes it easy to pull on and off quickly, and allows for better venting when temperatures start to rise. 

In terms of lightweight rain jackets, they don’t come much better than this. The RS is comfortable to wear, won’t restrict your riding in any way, and is easy to take off and store once the weather has cleared. That’s an awful lot of performance from $80 cycling jacket, making it an incredible bargain as far as I’m concerned. 

Check out both of these pieces of clothing, and a whole lot more, at SUGOI.com