Keep Your Adventurous Pup Hydrated This Summer With This Clever Collar

Keep Your Adventurous Pup Hydrated This Summer  With This Clever Collar


We all know the importance of staying hydrated during the warm summer months, and most of us will go to great lengths to ensure we’re taking in enough liquids to stay healthy and safe. But, it is also important to remember our furry, four-legged friends as well, many of whic are not as well equipped to handle the heat for a prolonged period of time. That’s why it is important to provide our pets with plenty of water whether we take them to the trail, on a walk through the neighborhood, or just to the backyard. Doing that just got a lot easier thanks to a clever new collar from Rocky Mountain Underground that features its own built-in water bowl.

The aptly named Grrowler recently launched on Kickstarter and is now edging its way towards its funding goal. The product came about after RMU founder Mike Waesche constantly found himself riding his bike or hiking with his dog, only to discover that while he did remember to bring water for the outdoor activity, he often found himself without a proper way for his dog to get a drink. He knew there had to be away around this situation, and thus this unique collar was born.


The Grrowler is actually three products in one, serving not only as a collar, but a stash-away water bowl and dog bag carrier too. When it is in its natural state, it looks like just about any other collar you might come across, but remove it from around your pooch’s neck and unzip it, and the Grrowler soon converts into a handy doggy dish that can be used for both food and water as needed. The process takes just seconds to complete and your pup can enjoy a drink in no time at all. And when you’re ready to continue your walk, simply stuff the bag back into the collar, close the zipper, and keep on going.

As of this writing, the Grrowler is about $50 shy of its crowdfunding goal with a little less than a week to go. That means it is farily likely to reach its target, which would put it on track for release in September with an MSRP of $49.99. Early-bird adopters can get one now for as low as $21 by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, making this one of the most affordable ways to keep your dog hydrated in the warmer weather. 


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