The Best Multifuel Stoves

Multifuel stoves are ones capable of burning diesel, kerosene or the like as well as standard white gas as found in our liquid fuel tests. Sometimes they can be converted to also burn canister fuel. For anyone backpacking outside of North America having more fuel options reduces the chance of eating your ramen raw. These stoves are often popular products with professional guides and backcountry outfitters because most of them can be maintained in the field and allow for relatively easy troubleshooting.

Review Year
Best in Class
Overall Rating
Name Overall Rating Ratings The Good The Bad
Kovea Booster +1
Boil Time 7
Weight 7
Fuel Efficiency 7
Ease of Use 8
Durability 9
Value 9

Simple transition between bottled white gas and canister fuel

Highly efficient: boiled 19 liters of water on 16 oz. of white gas

Boil times: averaged 5:20 for 1 liter in calm, cool conditions on white gas

Easy to maintain in the field

Construction and stability; stainless steel support system

Fuel valve dial is precise, allowing for simmer

Heavy; stove, pump weigh 15 oz.; with repair kit and bag, 1 lb. 3oz.

Pump must be carried separately

Slow boil with canister-based gas, even with windscreen

Primus OmniFuel
Boil Time 5
Fuel Efficiency 8
Ease of Use 7
Durability 7
Weight 6

Fuel pump


Flame control

White gas efficiency

Jet swaps



Flame spreader


Optimus Nova+
Boil Time 5
Efficiency 7
Wind Performance 7
Cooking 7
Weight 7
Reliability 8


Fuel versatility

Low, stable stance

Magnetic jet cleaning needle

Powerline™ control valve

Stiff fuel line


Doesn’t pack well