Go Fast Campers SuperLite RTT – The Fastest and Lightest, but Affordable

Go Fast Campers SuperLite RTT – The Fastest and Lightest, but Affordable

Rooftop Tents (RTT) are all the rage these days in the Overlanding scene. The mix of quick deployment while retaining the use of the truck bed are some of the reasons for their popularity among truck owners. Crossover vehicle owners have also been converting their grocery getters to legitimate adventure rigs, at times negating the need for another vehicle.

But RTTs are not without problems, which often fall to the polar extremes; they can be heavy and expensive, making many of them unsuitable for crossover vehicles. Or they can be cheap, almost generic RTT’s sourced from Asia, which can indeed be lightweight but instill little confidence in inclement weather.

Reknown RTT builder Go Fast Campers builds some of the most robust and awe-inspiring RTTs in existence, with appropriate weights and prices. This week they announced the release of a light and fast version dubbed the SuperLite RTT, which amazingly weighs a scant 80 pounds, making it suitable for crossover-type vehicles. It also has an MSRP of $1199, making it one of the most affordable RTTs available.

GFC didn’t just source an available model in China and affix a logo; the Montana based company put the time and effort into creating a bantamweight RTT worthy of the GFC brand. The Frameless Hardshell RTT was the result, a minimalist design that features all that’s needed but tosses the rest.

GFC SuperLite RTT

And don’t let the weight fool you. GFC has so much trust in the Frameless Hardshell design that they plan on racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 with the SuperLite RTT on a race truck. Shred the desert by day, provide comfortable slumber by night.

More specifications on what will surely be a hot seller for Go Fast Campers:

● It’s only 6″ tall when closed
● It has a 50″ x 90″ sleeping area
● It’s fast to put on and take off your vehicle
● It sets up fast and easy
● You can store your pillows and sleeping bags in it
● Soft racks for surfboards will be available

Check it out at Go Fast Campers.