Trew Chariot Snow Bib Review

December 5, 2018
Trew Chariot Snow Bib
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Temperature Control

The Good

  • Lots of pockets
  • Zippers down the side of legs
  • Recco reflector
  • Breathable

The Bad

  • No drop seat
  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Shows signs of wear quickly
  • Expensive
The Trew Chariot Bib was updated for 2018 and is a high-quality garment equally suited to backcountry skiing as it is to resort skiing. It uses a three-layer Dermazix fabric that highly weatherproof while also providing unparalleled amounts of breathability. There is no insulation in the Chariot Bib so base layers are necessary when skiing in colder temperatures but that just increases the different uses it can have. Testers really liked all the features that this bib has such as the long side vents which help to cool down, the abundance of pockets, and the adjustable suspenders. They also come equipped with a RECCO reflector which makes people searchable by rescue professionals. The main thing lacking from these bibs is a drop seat which makes going to the bathroom as a female much easier. There was also minor amounts of fraying on the garment which decreased the durability rated slightly. Nevertheless, these are a high-quality article of clothing that is sure to impress whether slaying the pow at the resort or deep in the backcountry.


The Trew Chariot Bib comes equipped with a Dermazix 3 Layer material which is the same as the Best In Class winner the Stio Environ Bib. This is a very high-quality material that is touted as being both highly breathable and weatherproof. The Trew Chariot uses zippers which are all YKK Aqua-guard so that they are fully waterproof. It also uses SuperFabric cuffs and kick-patches to increase durability at spots that are worn out easier. However, after minimal use, fraying was noticeable along the edge of pockets and parts of the kick-patch started to come off. While these were rather cosmetic and non-functional durability issues they still left testers to wonder how it would fair after multiple seasons of continuous use.


These bibs have a different cut than the other bibs tested, the Stio Environ, since they fit like overalls, covering the entire chest and part of the back. This extra space helps retain a bit of extra heat and is also where they put two handy pockets, one zippered and one velcro that are great for snacks, chapstick, phone etc. There are also two zippered hand pockets and two large thigh pockets that are well placed without adding extra bulk. These bibs will surely please anyone hoping to carry everything they need for the day on their body. The side vents are three-quarter length and use dual direction zippers. These large vents do an excellent job of helping to cool down quickly and are easy enough to open with a pull tab on the zipper. These bibs have a simple elastic internal boot gaiter underneath a cuff with two buttons to adjust the tightness. One other feature that that these bibs have are a RECCO reflector.


The Trew Chariot Bibs use a 3 layer Dermazix material that adds to the high price tag of this garment. It is more expensive because it is a higher quality fabric that uses a third layer to help maintain the quality of waterproofness in the bib. In addition, it is completely seam sealed and uses Aqua-guard zippers for waterproofness. Testers had no complaints and remained dry and warm even when sitting on wet resort lifts all day long. As a bib, they are also great for keeping out the elements even when skiing in waist deep powder.

Temperature Control

Arguably the best features of these bibs are its temperature control. Trew makes the claim that the Chariot Snow Bib uses the most breathable stormproof membrane in the world at a rating of 40,000 g/m2 breathability over 24 hours. While testers had no way to confirm if this claim was true, they were very pleased with the bib’s breathability. When overheating during an uphill skin it was easy to open up the side vents and dump heat quickly. They don’t have any insulation so by themselves they aren’t very warm but can easily be used with layers underneath so that they can be used for spring touring or in the middle of a blizzard in the Canadian Rockies.


The main difference between the two bibs in this test was the fit. The Chariot Snow Bibs are a high cut which testers found to be a bit restrictive at times. These bibs were also a bit stiff due to their material and cut which made them less comfortable than the Best In Class winner, the Stio Environ. In addition, these bibs don’t have a convenient drop seat making them less handy when trying to using the bathroom in the woods. Some testers also found the sizing a bit difficult since they were more tight fighting so women with athletic builds may have to size up.

Style & Value

Trew has a specific style to their products that seem aimed at the snowboard crowd more than the skiers. These bibs come in a couple of different colors ranging from the tried and true black to the fun and playful mint green. Testers described the style of these bibs as more casual and baggy compared to the Stio bibs. These bibs are not cheap at $399 for a pair but they are slightly cheaper than the other bibs tested for 2018 and are high quality with an abundance of features.


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