Stio Environ Bibs Review

December 5, 2018
Stio Environ Bibs
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Temperature Control

The Good

  • 3-Layer Dermizax fabric
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Side zipper vents and drop seat
  • Plentiful pockets

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Only comes in black
The Stio Environ Bib was a clear winner for 2018 Best In Class due to its well-constructed design, high-performance fabric, and its carefully thought-out features. The Environ Bib uses a high-quality three-layer Dermizax fabric that is both breathable and weatherproof. Since it has no insulation, it is highly versatile for either backcountry use or resort days when wearing additional base layers underneath. It scored particularly high due to the materials which allow for good temperature regulation with long zippered vents going from the waist down to the knee and breathable fabric. The features on the Environ bib were another strong point with adjustable suspenders, a drop seat for quick bathroom breaks in the backcountry and plenty of pockets. Testers liked the sleek all black bibs that were quite comfortable and have enough stretch to allow for full mobility while skinning uphill. The only downside to these amazing bibs was the price tag but if that’s not an issue than the Stio Environ Bib are an obvious choice.


Stio uses a fabric called Dermizax for the Environ Bib which is a flexible water-resistant laminate that is also highly breathable. It is a 3 layer laminate which is as durable as they get and since it’s just a shell there is no insulation. Testers really enjoyed this fabric because it was fully waterproof like expected while still being comfortable to ski in all day. These bibs also have a slight stretch to them so they have plenty of mobility for use in the backcountry when skinning uphill. Testers had no complaints in terms of durability and liked the Cordura kick-patch along the inside cuff which adds to its durability in a spot where pants typical wear out sooner.


Testers loved that the Stio Environ was packed full of well thought out features. It uses comfortable suspender straps that are adjustable for different height women. The Environ also has a long double sided zipper along the outside that reaches from the waist down to the knee. These zippers allow for plenty of venting when overheating and as an added feature also doubles as a drop seat attached with two buckles. This was one of the best features of the bib since most women hate having to take off all their jackets just to go to the bathroom. The bibs have a standard internal leg gaiter that fits nicely over boots with a buckle and velcro. The bibs fit testers really nicely but it also features belt loops if a belt is needed. Lastly, the bibs have a good number of pockets that are great for chapstick, snacks, ski pass, etc. There are two large zippered hand pockets with plenty of room to warm up your hands on cold days and a thigh pocket.


The Environ Bib surprised testers with how well it stood up to snowy and rainy days on the mountain. It is rated to 20,000 mm of waterproofness and despite being only a shell, it was both highly water resistant and breathable when skinning uphill. Testers never noticed being wet even when wearing it on the stormiest of days. It is thoroughly seam sealed and uses all YKK water-resistant zippers to keep moisture from entering anywhere making it one of the most waterproof layers we tested.

Temperature Control

Since these bibs are only a shell, they are made to wear with base layers underneath for extra warmth. These were used on sub 0 days in Canada with a thick base layer and did surprisingly well-keeping testers warm. The fact that they are bibs meant that cold air couldn’t sneak through between a pair of pants and jacket fully preventing draftiness. They are given a specification of 10,000 grams per square meter (g/m2) of breathability over 24 hours and testers were pleased that they didn’t sweat or overheat too much even when working hard skinning uphill.


Testers loved the style and fit of the Stio Environ Bib. While many people have a preference towards bibs or pants, even the testers who had their doubts out bibs were won over by these. These bibs only go a bit over the waist in contrast to the other pair of bibs tested, the Trew Chariot, which fit more like overalls with a large piece covering the chest. Testers really enjoyed how comfortable the Stio Environ felt and liked the ability to adjust the fit of the bib with the adjustable elastic suspenders. They are fitted just enough to be flattering which still being a relaxed fit so that layers could be worn underneath. They were true to size with enough room to move around in them.

Style & Value

The Stio Environ only comes in black but is a sleek and good looking bib that can match with any color jacket. The only color on these bibs is a hidden bright pink zipper on the thigh pocket which testers thought was a nice bit of flair. While nothing flashy, it has the look of a quality bib that anyone from the pro skier to the weekend warrior could rock. At $445 these are the most expensive pants or bibs that were tested. However, this is a fairly standard price for bibs and testers thought that despite the expense, it’s a worthwhile investment for a high-quality snow pant that will last for years.


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