Black Crows Corpus Insulated Gore-tex Pants Review

December 5, 2018
Black Crows Corpus Insulated Gore-tex Pants
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Temperature Control

The Good

  • Gore-Tex shell
  • RECCO reflector
  • Soft inside lining
  • Good ventilation

The Bad

  • Baggy fit around legs
  • Wide pockets that stick out
  • Crinkly sound
For the 2018-2019 season, Black Crows launched a full apparel line and the Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex pant is one of the models from their big mountain skiing category. These are a resort specific pant that features a 2 layer Gore-Tex fabric and a soft synthetic Primaloft insulation. Overall these are a solid pant but testers noticed a difference when it comes to fit and comfort. The Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex is baggier around the legs which may suit a particular person and also have wide pockets that stick out awkwardly. Testers preferred a quieter and more comfortable resort pant like the Salomon QST Snow Pant which was virtually unnoticeable when wearing. The Corpus Insulated Gore-tex still comes with many great features such as an abundance of pockets and a RECCO reflector. As their debut into ski apparel, the Black Crows Corpus Insulated Gore-tex is a solid choice but testers are confident that they will only continue to improve from here.


The Black Crows Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex Pant uses a 2 layer Gore-tex fabric for its outer shell. Gore-Tex is one of the top materials for waterproof fabric and holds up great in tough weather. The only way to improve on these materials would be to use a 3-layer fabric rather than the 2-layer that is most commonly found in resort specific pants. The inside material of the Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex is made of a silky Pertex lining and uses Primaloft silver insulation. While most testers used a base layer underneath the pants, they still appreciated the soft silky lining which is in contrast to its burly exterior fabric. Testers thought the face fabric had a very durable feel to it and didn’t see any signs of wear during testing. A small trade-off to the burly fabric of the Corpus Insulated is that the material has a bulkier feel to it compared to some of the lightweight pieces in this test.


The Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex pant has all the features that one would expect from a resort pant. It has an elastic snow gaiter around each boot cuff but they are a bit baggy and don’t fit as snugly as the gaiters on other pants do. These snow gaiters are also a fixed size in contrast to the other pants and bibs which all have a button or zipper to expand over a boot. There is an added removable waist gaiter not as commonly found on pants which helps to keep snow from getting into the pants. Testers ended up not liking this waist gaiter because of how high up it sat but appreciate that they can easily zip it off and leave it at home. Black Crows made sure to equip this resort pant with an ample amount of pockets to store snacks and whatever else you might want to bring with you for the day. There are two zippered hand pockets and a large cargo pocket on either thigh. While it is nice to have all the storage capability, these pockets stick out from the pant a lot and give it an awkward look. The Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex also has the standard belt loop with an adjustable velcro waist belt. There are also light mesh covered vents down the inner thigh that open up to allow plenty of cool air in if necessary. Lastly, these pants are equipped with a RECCO reflector to be searchable by professional rescuers.


The Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex uses a 2 layer Gore-Tex shell which is a great fabric for keeping the weather out. Testers stayed warm and dry with these pants even on the stormiest days at the resort. Having both boot gaiters and a waist gaiter provides extra protection to ensure that no snow gets inside the pants in case of a tumble down the mountain.

Temperature Control

Testers loved the Primaloft insulation and silky Pertex lining on these pants that provided both warmth and comfort on frigid days at the resort. When skiing in Montana, the morning can start out below zero but then considerably warm up by the afternoon. The Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex Pant kept testers warm but also has a vent system on the inside of the legs for temperature regulation. The large mesh covered vents work great to cool off as the temperature goes up so that testers didn’t overheat even on warm bluebird days. While testers were fine hiking uphill a short distance to snag some fresh pow, the 2-layer fabric and heavy insulation make this a better downhill pant rather than a highly breathable ski touring pant like some of the other pieces in the test.


Testers were initially disappointed with how the Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex pant fit. They were generally comfortable to wear but had an interesting cut. They have a baggy fit around the legs and then the cargo pockets stick out awkwardly. The elastic waist belt that is included is also a bit tight but luckily it is detachable. Testers thought the fit was true to size and were able to easily adjust the fit using a belt if needed. While the pants don’t feel stiff, they are a bit bulky and heavy compared to the light Salomon QST pant.

Style & Value

Despite being a European ski brand, testers thought the Corpus Insulated Gore-Tex has a baggy style more typically found in snowboarding apparel. The pants are still sleek looking and come in a variety of dark muted colors that can match well with any color jacket. In terms of value, these pants come at a steep price. While they are obviously a quality pant, they are the most expensive of the pants tested and don’t have a ton of extra features to justify this price.

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