Multitasker Series 3 Review

December 31, 2013
Multitasker Series 3
Multitasker Series 3 Multitasker-Series-3-jaws2 Multitasker-Series-3-open Multitasker-Series-3 Multitasker-Series3-a Multitasker-Series3-closed
Construction & Materials
Design / Ease of Use
Edge Retention

The Good

  • CNC Machined D2 Needle-nose Pliers
  • Magnetic Bit Driver + Bits
  • Full-sized knife blade
  • Pocket Clip

The Bad

  • It’s a purpose-built tool so really suitable only for gun owners
  • She's a wee heavy

The Multitasker Series 3 tool was built for a soldier and act like one–it’s strong and serves a purpose. If you are looking for a tool to put into your backpack for a weekend hike on the AT, I wouldn’t recommend this tool. But if you’re looking for a bulletproof multi-tool to add to your range bag you should consider making the investment. Both the product and the people at the company are solid.


Please note, the Multitasker Series3 multi-tool is a hand-machined and hand-built multi-tool. It was designed to be used in combat situations to help soldiers keep their weapons in working order. With that being said, I have based my reviews – as much as I could – on those realities.

Construction & Materials
The Build
You could tie a stick of dynamite to the Series3, set it off, and probably only be missing the G10 handle scales. Everything, including the plier arms snap in place when opened and the whole tool has a heft to it, letting you know it means business.

The Lock
Multitasker uses a liner lock to keep the blade locked in place during use, and it’s almost as thick as the blade. For a guy who doesn’t really like liner locks, I am okay with this one. None of the other tools lock.

The Steel
D2 is one of my favorite steels for good reason: in machine shops, it is the steel used to cut other steel. It doesn’t have great corrosion resistance in its natural form, but the entire Multitasker Series 3 has been dipped and coated. There shouldn’t be any issues with rust.

Because this tool was built by hand, it would be easy to repair it if need be–but I think it would take a lot for someone to break any part of this tool. Maintenance means simply wiping the gunk off of it before putting it away.

You wouldn’t expect anything less than bombproof from a hand-built tool that was designed to go into combat. Anything I did to it didn’t even make a scratch.

The pliers on the Series3 are CNC machined, meaning they come out of one solid block of D2 tool steel, thus making them the strongest pliers I have ever used on a multi-tool. The same goes for the wire-cutters, which are 1.5 times thicker than the common wire cutter on a multi-tool.

The Series3 comes with a very well rounded bit kit that contains common bits. The holder they come in can be a bit of a challenge, and I have lost two bits already.

Design & Ease Of Use 
Because of the included tools and intended use, I have added the Series3 to my range bag/field bag for cleaning my handgun’s and rifles at the range and in the woods. For a multi-tool it is bulky, but for a tool that was designed to be used around guns for cleaning and maintaining; it’s perfect.

Edge Retention
D2 tool steel does not get razor sharp without a lot of effort. This blade is razor sharp and will stay that way for some time. But, when the time does come where you need to sharpen a D2 knife blade–put aside some time and patience.

Taking in consideration that the Multitasker Series3 isn’t a multi-tool made by a large company, the price and materials line up nicely. You’d be hard-pressed to find another tool on the market with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machined pliers constructed with D2 steel, which is beyond durable. The one drawback is that it is a purpose-built tool, meaning users don’t own a handgun or rifle may not have a practical use for it.

Included Features:

CNC Machined D2 Needle-nose Pliers
Replaceable Wire Cutters
Full-Size 3 ?” Knife Blade
Front Sight Adjuster (AR-15)
3/8” Hex Wrench
1/2″ Hex Wrench
Castle Nut Wrench
Teardown Pin Punch
Barrel Cleaning Brush Adapter
Carbon Scraper
Large Flathead Screwdriver
Magnetized 1/4” Bit Driver
– T10 Torx
– T15 Torx
– 3/32 Hex
– 7/64 Hex
– 1/8 Hex
– 9/64 Hex
– 3/16 Hex
– 3/32 Hex
– Small Flathead Screwdriver
– Medium Flathead Screwdriver
– Philips Head Screwdriver


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