Kilimanjaro Gear Magnus 910056 Review

June 18, 2015
Kilimanjaro Gear Magnus 910056
Overall Construction
Needlenose Pliers & Wire Cutters
Knife Blades

The Good

  • A true “full-sized” tool
  • 4” combo edge knife blade
  • Grip handles on pliers
  • Innovative large saw and file combo

The Bad

  • This is not a pocket tool
  • Difficult to operate pliers with one hand
  • Wire cutter is blunt

The Kilimanjaro Gear Magnus is a great multi-tool to leave in a toolbox, tacklebox, or in your glovebox. Because of its size and heft, you wouldn’t want to carry it around. It performs as designed, but be mindful of the size of the plier handles as they are much larger than what you’re used to – so you may want to keep the Magnus around for emergencies and jams.


On par with their other tools, Kilimanjaro Gear built the Magnus on a solid frame with beefy hardware and no room for the tools to loosen up and wiggle around.

There are indexed touch-points all over the Magnus for improved grip and performance—this design trait is carried on to the liner-lock for the saw/file and knife blades. There is also a generous thumb tab that even allows you to get in there with a gloved hand. Neither lock shows any sign of slipping or failing any time soon.

All of the tools on the Magnus are made of stainless steel—which I’ll assume is 8Cr13MoV, based on hardness and corrosion resistance. The pliers are made from another, unidentified steel and though they’ve held up for performance—they are not as corrosion resistant; showing spots of discoloration and rust.

Besides a couple of pressed pins in the frame, the Magnus can be taken apart, cleaned, and put together with ease. If you do somehow find a way to break anything on it, there is a Lifetime Warranty.

Besides the corrosion on the pliers, the Magnus cleans up nicely after a good beating.

Due to the slight size of the handle and their position in relation to the other on-board tools, the pliers on the Magnus are difficult to use at best. Even folks with bigger hands will find it a challenge to use the pliers, wire cutters, and wire crimpers without relying on a second hand. Additionally, the wire cutters are blunt, and though they cut common 14 gauge wire, anything smaller—or stranded—would be a challenge at best.

All of the components on the Magnus are full-sized, which makes it an effective “traveling toolbox”. The idea to integrate the file onto the side of the saw blade is innovative and I’d like to see it on more medium to full-sized tools, as it cuts down on the bulk and the file side actually aids in cutting and cleaning the saw blade.

On the side of the Magnus (where all of the components live), there is a set of tools that excel in both form and function. Their size (coupled with the overall size of the tool in hand), allows for serious leverage when working on stubborn bolts, screws, etc. Sadly, the pliers are almost useless due to a severely undersized handle—especially considering the size of the Magnus.

Both the combo edge knife blade and saw blade have held up exceedingly well on the Magnus. The knife edge features a pretty radical serration design, which I believe helps it last longer as well as cut through fibrous material with ease.

Because of its size and look, the Magnus would seem like a multitool you’d find in a bin near the register at an auto store, but because of the quality it’s actually pretty impressive. At $39.99 it is a good value, however if Kilimanjaro Gear managed to knock $10 off, it could be something really special.

Long-nose Pliers
Wire Cutter
Wire Stripper
Wire Crimper
4” Combo Edge Knife Blade
Bottle Opener
Large Phillips Head Screwdriver
Large Flathead Screwdriver
Saw Blades
Double Cut File
Nylon Sheath
Lifetime Warranty 


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