Fischer My Curve Review

January 2, 2018
Fischer My Curve
Edge Hold
Carving Pleasure
Turn Variability

The Good

  • Spirited and full of energy
  • Solid edge hold
  • High marks for carving pleasure

The Bad

  • One-trick pony
  • Low scores for turn shape variability
  • Tip wants to hook up in long turns
  • Small sweet spot
The Fischer My Curve leans more toward pure carve than Frontside, thanks to its 68-mm waist and race-oriented sandwich sidewall construction. Testers gave high scores for Carving Pleasure and Responsiveness, though with a caveat: “If you love making short swings all day long, than My Curve is yours,” according to one tester. Labeled a one-trick pony, My Curve excels at short turns, while resisting long arcs, giving testers the feeling of “hooking up” at the turn’s end. The ski felt stable, as long as the turn transitions were speedy. All in all, testers praised My Curve’s aptitude for quick edge-to-edge performance and carving pleasure in short turns.

Fischer’s My Curve is a single-minded, slalom-obsessed ski that’s quick, responsive, and full of rebound energy. My Curve impressed testers with its short-turn prowess. It shares a similar construction to the unisex RC4 The Curve, listed in the Race category. Female testers made the connection. “Beer league women will dominate on this ski,” said one tester. “Followed closely by groomer girls who want a pure performance ski, and not something that smears around.”

The My Curve features a sidewall sandwich construction with a full wood core and is reinforced with titanium and Fischer’s weight reducing Air Carbon technology. With a 13 meter radius, and slight tip rocker, My Curve’s raison d’être is to carve, and testers responded to Fischer’s design focus with high marks for Carving Pleasure and Responsiveness. “This ski has a master’s degree in slalom turns,” said one tester. “It’s quick, responsive, and a fall line fiend.”

Though a skilled carver, testers cited the My Curve’s resistance to long turns and gave it low scores in Turn Shape Variability and average scores for Stability. “It’s solid on short radius turns, but resists longer carved GS turns, says one tester. Others felt the the ski “hooked up” at the finish of the turn if you pushed the ski past medium-radius turns. However, when skied edge-to-edge, testers felt “zesty rebound” from the stiff-ish tail.

Overall, the Fischer My Curve excels at its intended end use, that of a high-piste performance model with short to medium radius turns, most suitable for intermediate through advanced skiers.


The Fischer My Curve scored nearly all even high scores across the board for responsiveness. Testers praised the quick edge-to-edge ability of the 68-millimeter wide ski. Construction includes technologies borrowed from race skis and honed for responsiveness, including sandwich sidewall construction, Air Carbon TI, Concave Sidewall, Free Milled Titanium and Triple Radius – similar to the race-oriented unisex RC The Curv Ti. The high scores for responsiveness, however, were concentrated on slalom or small radius turns, and testers felt the My Curve is a one-trick pony since it resists longer GS turns.


Testers rated the My Curve average scores for stability. According to one tester, “the ski wants to hook up and finish the turn if you try to push it to long radius turns.” The ski was built with a 13 meter turn radius and operates best close to that designation. Testers noted that the ski has a small sweet spot but a forgiving flex.

Edge Hold

Testers most noted the quick edge-to-edge performance of the My Curve. When engaged in short turns, the edge hold was adequate. However, testers felt the ski resisted longer, carved turns. GS turns felt almost against the nature of the ski, pushing it outside its comfort level. The longer the turn radius, the more the ski wanted to hook up at the finish of the turn. Therefore, edge hold was best in short to medium radius turns.

Carving Pleasure

Testers garnered a lot of pleasure from carving the My Curve in short radius turns. The narrowest women’s offering from Fischer received high scores from all testers for Carving Pleasure with one caveat: My Curve performed best in short to medium radius turns where edges engaged and disengaged quickly. The shapely sidecut (121-68-102 mm) combined with slalom turn radius (13 meters) add to what one tester calls “lighting fast edge-to-edge responsive short turns.”

Turn Shape Variability

The Fischer My Curve received low scores for Turn Shape Variability. As one tester noted, “This skis is a one-trick pony, performing well in short turns but not big round turns.” It’s narrow width, race-oriented construction and 13 meter turn radius all point to its slalom specialist personality, therefore lacking in versatility in turn shapes.

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