Ditch the Bike Rack in Favor of the Yakima CrashPad

Ditch the Bike Rack in Favor of the Yakima CrashPad


There’s no doubt that bike racks serve a valuable purpose, but there are those times when you just want to grab a quick ride over your lunch break without hassling with dropping the rack, and strapping the bike in. For those times, Yakima’s CrashPad provides an easy way to throw your bike in the back of the truck while also protecting your tailgate and – more importantly – your bike.

For only $89 at Yakima.com, the CrashPad might be the best investment in simplicity any cyclist can make. Instead of uniform padding throughout, the CrashPad features an extra-thick layer of rigid cushioning right where it folds over the top of the tailgate to provide more protection in the place where the bike rests against the tailgate. And for those times when you’re hauling several bikes, the CrashPad has raised bumpers on the edges to keep the bikes from sliding over the side when you take that corner a little too sharply.


One of the most impressive features of the CrashPad, however, can’t really be seen until you’ve unpacked it. The underside of the pad is made from a soft velour-type material instead of the durable ballistic nylon that’s on the outside. This seemingly small detail actually makes a big difference because it helps prevent the pad from rubbing the paint off your tailgate if you’re one of those people who tends to leave it on all year long.

And since the CrashPad makes it so simple to get out and ride everyday, why wouldn’t you want to be that kind of person?