Checkout these Cool, Stylish Backpacks Made in Montana

Checkout these Cool, Stylish Backpacks Made in Montana


As outdoor enthusiasts, we can all appreciate a truly well designed and durably made backpack that we can take with us on our adventures. Those packs are usually made for hiking an amazing trail or spending the day bagging snowcapped peaks. Unfortunately what works well in the backcountry doesn’t always translate to a functional backpack for use in our daily lives too. But a company called Buck Products is looking to fill that niche, creating stylish looking bags that are perfect for commuting, traveling, or just exploring around town. 

Based out of Bozeman, Montana, the company offers an array of backpacks that are simple in their design, offer few frills, but are built to survive our everyday lives. They also have a stylish look that sets them apart from the competition, with bold colors and eye-catching designs. Company founder Alex Buck had a vision of doing away with excess straps and clips, as well as unnecessary pockets, in favor of a minimalist design that still offers a high level of functionality. Judging from the packs that his company offers, I’d say he succeeded in that goal.

Here are a few examples of Alex’s design philosophy in action. 

Custom KnappSack

Knappsack ($150)
The Knappsack is the original bag that helped put Buck Products on the map back in 2009. It features a nice roll-top lid, a front storage pouch, and a large spacious interior compartment. The pack is perfect for carrying a laptop or large tablet, and has enough room for everything else you’ll need for your daily urban adventures too. It is made from durable 1000D Cordura fabrics, which means it is tough enough to resist the strains of daily use both in the office and beyond. 

Marsupial 1

Marsupial ($135)
Designed for simplicity and speed, the Marsupial is Buck’s mid-size bag. It features a zipped enclosure that includes a drop-sleeve specifically built to securely carry a laptop. While compact in size, the interior of this pack has plenty of room for holding important documents, a wallet, keys, smartphone, and other important items that you never want to leave home without. 

Camou large

Flapsack ($130)
Desinged specifically with the ladies in mind, the Flapsack is a top-loading bag that is minimalist in its approach, but still doesn’t skimp on quality and durability. While it is also large enough to carry a laptop or tablet, this bag is meant for urban adventures that are less about work, and more about play. The top can even fold back to create a bucket bag that can extended the pack’s convenience and unique looks even further. 


Rumpshaker ($38)
The Rumpshaker is Buck’s take on the classic fanny-pack, but with modern sensibilities. Designed to be worn around the waist – or slung over the shoulder – this is a pack that is incredibly convenient for travelers in particular. While the interior of the Rumpshaker isn’t particularly large, it still offers plenty of room to carry important things like a cell phone, passport, a compact camera, or similar items. This bag is sure to be a hit with travelers who need more capacity than their pants pockets can provide. 

To view all of the packs that Buck Products offers be sure to visit the company’s official website