Zootility PocketMonkey

Zootility PocketMonkey

When I received the Zootility PocketMonkey, I put it in my wallet and forgot about it for a week or so. But then I found myself in situations where I began to rely on it–opening a beverage. Tightening the arms on my glasses. For $12, give it a try–I think you’ll find yourself using it more often than not.

Construction & Materials

Cut from steel, there’s really not much to this multi-tool, which comes in at the size and thickness of a credit card. I’ve had it submerged in a variety of liquids, and it still looks brand new.

Even titanium would bend and bow at this thickness, so don’t expect something you can’t bend out of whack–but it takes a lot of force to do so. You don’t want to rebuild a small block V8 with this, but it could survive almost any task you would reach for a tool like this for.

Design / Ease Of Use
This sucker fell into my hands while we were remodeling a portion of our house, and I was actually seeking this out before I went into the workshop for actual tools.

Edge Retention
As I said up above, the PocketMonkey has two cutting edges–both of which are fairly dull when brand new. I didn’t get them razor sharp, but I did sharpen them enough and they’ve held up just fine.

The PocketMonkey is a perfect addition to your wallet, pocket or glove box. At $12 it offers a no frills multi-tool that will be there when needed.

Included Features: 
Phone Kickstand
Bottle Opener
Medium Flathead Screwdriver
Small Flathead Screwdriver
Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver
Door Latch Slip (who needs lock picks?)
Letter Opener
Multiple Hex Wrenches (5)
Straight Edge
Paint Can Opener
Headphone Cord Wrap
Orange Peeler
Automotive Trim Removal Tool
Silicone Remover
Incense Holder
Book Mark
Ice Scraper
Boot Cleaner (Thanks Fido!)
Cord Spool
Bike Tire Level
Nail Puller
Staple Remover

Find it on Amazon.com: Zootitlity Tools Pocketmonkey