This Week in Gear: What You Missed (Dec. 4, 2015)

This Week in Gear: What You Missed (Dec. 4, 2015)


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Every week, we bring you five gear-related stories, from all over, that you won’t want to miss. Here are this week’s highlights:

5 New Adventure Travel Startups
Skift did a great roundup of startups working on innovative websites and apps for travelers and adventurers—companies that “recognize that finding a traveler’s wild side and then tailoring that into an experience with deeper meaning besides social media posts equals repeat customers and a sustainable business.”

Startups that made the cut include Wayugo—a beautifully designed race database, Embark—a person-to-person adventure-sharing platform, and StokeShare—which enables travelers to earn money renting out their outdoor equipment.

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A “Liveable” SUP to Cross the Atlantic
SUP magazine published a piece online this week on 38-year-old French firefighter Nicolas Jarossay’s plans to be the first stand-up paddleboarder to cross the Atlantic Ocean unsupported.

With the help of some friends, Jarossay began designing his unique prototype for the world’s first “livable” SUP in 2012—a 20+ foot board with storage compartments for more than 200 pounds of dried food, a sleeping pod and hand-pump system for making drinkable water.

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Bamboo Ski Poles?
Is bamboo the new aluminum or carbon fiber? It was common in trekking poles before World War II, and in the past year, it’s seen a resurgence in popularity among several innovative outdoor companies: last year, Uphill Designs began manufacturing bamboo trekking poles. This year, as reported by Business Den, Steamboat Springs-based ski coach Andrew Beckler and his company Grass Sticks will offer bamboo ski poles.

They’re not the first company to make bamboo ski poles—Soul Poles and Panda Poles do, too—but Grass Sticks will offer a lower price point for theirs, retailing for just $85.

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95-Year-Old Klaus Obermeyer’s Workout
If you still want to be shredding pow when you’re in your 90s, take your cues from ski-apparel company Obermeyer’s founder, Klaus Obermeyer. In this Wall Street Journal piece, he speaks about his workout regimen, which includes everything from aikido to swimming to snowshoeing to using the elliptical.

According to WSJ, “his energy is an inspiration to his employees, who made a bumper sticker that says, ‘Be like Klaus.’”

(And note that, since the WSJ article was published last weekend, Klaus’s birthday actually rolled around again and, two days ago, he turned 96.)

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Gear and Gadgets for Winter Camping
Winter never stopped a hearty camper from sleeping under the stars. Wondering how to stay cozy in your tent once the temperatures drop and the snow falls? Digital Trends published an impressive, four-page list of innovative products to make winter camping just a little more palatable.

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