This Wearable Will Keep You in Contact While On The Slopes

This Wearable Will Keep You in Contact While On The Slopes


YodelUP is a waterproof wireless wristband that not only controls music from your phone, but doubles as a walkie talkie for easy communication with your friends. The device connects over Bluetooth to work as a media player, walkie talkie, and even answer calls. It has its own speaker, fits over any glove, can be operated with your mittens on, and use your phone’s other functions uninterrupted.

The YodelUP technology is very simple. Basically, the device is an ergonomically shaped wireless controller that fits on a customizable elastic band. The controller pairs with the world’s number one walkie talkie app Zello, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This Bluetooth connection allows for multiple devices, so you can also hook up a Bluetooth headset or helmet, and it even has its own speaker in case you want to unplug completely.

YodelUP OnGlove Closeup

Tipping the scales at a mere 60g/2 oz. the YodelUP is incredibly lightweight and rugged. In fact, it is both waterproof and shockproof. It even comes with a special battery designed to continue to work, even in very low temperatures. That battery, which charges using a magnetic cable, is capable of generating 24 hours of talk time and an incredible 7 days of standby.

The YodelUP retails for $159.00 USD and you can pre-order one at the YodelUP Kickstarter page right now.

YodelUP OnGlove Closeup Snow

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